Baby’s Tears Plant Outdoor – Identification ( Soleirolia Soleirolii )

Botanical Name: Soleirolia soleirolii

Native Country: Italy

This Soleirolia Soleirolii plant is an active grower and even if you have a small plant, it grows up to be really fast. Its cascading and slender stems look really gorgeous coming down from the hanging planter. The Baby’s Tears plant is also called Irish moss and mind-your-own-business. The perennial spreads rapidly over the edges of the planter but it needs to maintain the contact with the soil to grow and hence, the stems don’t go too far from the edges and fall beautifully as an overgrowth. It needs moisture and the perfect choice for a terrarium.


This plant needs high humidity to thrive.

Feed it every week with Baby’s Tears plant food diluted to half the recommended dosage.

It can’t tolerate dry humid air or soil at all.