10 Most Expensive Flowers On The Planet

We often speak of strange and incredible animals, but in the plant kingdom, some specimens are also really amazing! Many botanical gardens around the world have discovered a broad sample of the world's most beautiful flower species. Most American and European cities have botanical garden well supplied, in which one can trace the origins of discussed flowers below.

The 10 flowers that you will see are so fascinating that you will not believe that they grow on Earth. Flowers are one of the most romantic gifts that we can do to someone who has. Since time immemorial flowers symbolize beauty, grace but also love. Their diversity is fabulous, although many of them is an ephemeral beauty. In this article entitled 10 most expensive flowers in the world, I suggest you find some specimens of exceptional beauty.


This flower comes from South Africa; its rarity makes it a special place in this ranking. In mild climates, it is possible to install them outside when the frosts are no longer to be feared. Growth stops if temperatures are of the order of 15 ° and the dies when subjected to 12 ° during this time. La Gloriosa is an extremely fragile and delicate flower, tough to cultivate.

Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley

It's a flower of the lily variety, and each specimen can be worth 15 to 50 €, a price largely justified because this beautiful plant blooms only once a year. The harvest should be with great care given their fragility.


A hydrangea-blue-white-violet flower is a relatively expensive since the most beautiful varieties are trading at around $ 6.50 per stem.

This is primarily accelerated by the fact that cultivating this specimen is quite hard. These flowers are also used in dried flower arrangements as centerpieces, so the demand is quite high.


Lisianthus is a very ephemeral and fragile flower, their life is very limited, and no special care is very easy to damage, which makes it difficult to transport. It will take between 10 and 35 dollars per system.


[caption id="attachment_563" align="aligncenter" width="380"]Source: UNCC GARDEN Source: UNCC GARDEN[/caption]

Orchids are exotic flowers, the most beautiful specimens being grown on the American island of Hawaii or Vietnam or Asia. Particularly difficult to produce, the supply is often lower than the demand which is why certain flowers can exchange more than $ 50 apiece.

Oriental LilyOriental Lily

Oriental lily is one of the most exotic lily hybrids and can take years to reach flowering size. These are flowers marginal and fragile. It will take about $ 16 to $ 50 a regime of five.


The roses are undoubtedly one of the favorite flower varieties to declare his feelings. This is indeed one of the world's favorite flower. However, these prices can vary considerably depending on the type. Indeed, some specimens can exceed $ 50 item. But although the world is full of beautiful flowers the rose remains the most attractive for many of us yet. Symbol of love, the rose is the most popular flower for special occasions, whether yellow, red, orange or white. In India, the main region for growing Roses are: Roses from Bangalore and Roses from Pune.


Tulips were the origin of the first stock market crash the famous tulip mania that took its roots in Holland in the seventeenth century. Since these flowers with incredible colors are always popular. Their cost is highly variable, some tulips families can cost five dollars to $ 45 boots of 10, price varies depending on the time of year.


This species exists in different variety and very easy to grow, but it's very short life weighs heavily on its price, it will cost up to $ 10 to $ 30 for a small bouquet of viburnum.


We were completely overwhelmed by all these fabulous flowers and strange than each other. Once again, nature has surprised us with its originality and diversity, especially when we think of “expensive flowers". The species of flowers are therefore also varied as the regions. And there is no need to travel across the globe to find them. Indeed, most of them are now readily available from the florist that offers a variety of local flowers and exotic plants.

Tropical countries are still the ones where there are the most colorful and spectacular flowers. The Dominican Republic, for example, is a paradise for nature lovers and flower lovers. Rose flower, a rare flower, often considered the most beautiful flower in the world, is itself among the most expensive. Exotic flowers, which bloom in climates both hot and humid, are among the most aesthetic that exist.

Florists now have many beautiful flowers, even tropical. Our shop offers bouquets of exotic flowers, orchids, bonsai, Japanese garden, bougainvillea, lilies and other specially prepared bouquets.

What flower that has impressed you the most?