5 Flower Gardens in India

List Of Flower Gardens in India

A garden is the beautiful place in any area and built for the public to spend some quality time there. The public can enjoy greenery, cultivation, and sculptures there with their families and friends. In India, there are many gardens that are spread from north to south. These places are beautiful and peaceful. People come here to get rid of their tensions and to get relax. When you spend some time with Mother Nature then you feel energetic and healthy. There are many people who love to spend their time with nature in morning and this charges them for rest of the day.  This is the reason they are more productive and also they are healthy. Nowadays trees are sacrificed to get development but to maintain the beauty of nature there are many gardens where you can enjoy. Here is a list of 5 flowering gardens in India where you can go to see the beauty of nature.

Shalimar Flower Garden:shalimar garden kashmir

Shalimar flower garden in India is considered as one of the famous gardens in Kashmir. This beautiful garden is located on the shores of the Dal Lake. This garden is built by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir for his wife Nur Jahan.  Its name Shalimar means abode of love.  So, if you are visiting Kashmir valley then don’t miss the chance to visit this beautiful place.  This garden is known for its Gulmohar trees and for its roses.  All the fountain pools, flowers, and its greenery make it more attractive.  When you will visit this place you will find yourself in heaven.

Brindavan Flower Gardens:Brindavan Flower Garden

The Brindavan flowers gardens in India is located at a distance of 19 km from the royal city of Mysore in Karnataka.  This is the beautiful place to visit for the tourist and its design is inspired by the Shalimar gardens.  It is built across river Cauvery. Here you can see a Botanical park and water fountains. After sunset, you can enjoy the beautifully orchestrated show with music and colorful lights.  This is the reason evening time is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Chashme Shahi Flower Garden:Chashme Shahi Flower Garden

Chashme Shahi flower garden in India is the creation of Shah Jahan and it is built in the year 1632. This garden is beautifully built and maintained like other gardens in Kashmir valley.  Its lawns, floral beds, fountains, and multicolored flowers attract lots of people. This garden got its name chasme shahi because of the mountain spring that waters the garden and name given by the Emperor Shah Jahan.   So, if you are the nature lover you will surely enjoy the beauty of the place.

Chambal Gardens:Chambal Gardens Kota India

The Chambal Garden is perfect sight for the nature lovers and it is located in southeastern Rajasthan on the bank of the Chambal River. As it is located on the bank of the river and that is the reason it got its name from there only.  If you enjoy the company of nature then you can spend your whole day here with thousands of different species of plants. In this garden, there are many rare plants that attract botanist here. With the lush green garden, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Chambal Lake.

Company Bagan:

The Company Bagan is located in Kolkata and also known as the Indian Botanical garden. This garden was founded by Colonel Robert Kyd in the year 1787. Its main attraction is the little lake that is full of water lilies and “The Great Banyan Tree” that is the biggest banyan tree in the world and forms the second largest canopy. This garden is the home to around 12,000 perennial plants of 1,400 species.