Aluminum Plant or Watermelon Pilea / Pilea Cadierei Plant - Care & Identification Guide

Find Below Guide for Aluminum Plant or Watermelon Pilea / Pilea Cadierei Plant - Its Care & Identification

Botanical Plant Name: Pilea cadierei

Native Countries: China and Vietnam

The Pilea Cadierei plant has showy leaves that have silver splashed all over them. This makes it the perfect accent for home and offices. This low-maintenance plant doesn’t let anything bother it as long as it keeps meeting it criteria of humidity. This perennial plant is easy growing and flaunts light-colored tiny flowers in summer, which is again a rarity as it is the foliage that counts if you are planning to have it as a houseplant.


Avoid overwatering of the Aluminum Plant as it can cause rotting of the roots.

Planters with the complete draining system at place allow the excess water to drain and hence, keeping the soil moist and not wet.

Avoid giving much water during winter to Aluminum Plant / Pilea Cadierei Plant.