December Season Flowers - 5 Indian Blooms

December Season Flowers

Nature has its own ways to even out and shine through! Amidst the gloomy sky and foggy ambiance of winters, it fills a dash of colour and fragrance with flowers that stand tall against and sway daintily with the chilly December wind. Winter Flowers in India are a godsend given how harsh the weather could be here in December and January. When men would shiver, have geyser and radiators turned on to comfort them and shield them temporarily from the spine-numbing wind but these flowers give all of us a lifetime learning of living harmoniously with nature and never underestimate its power as well as a miracle.

In India, December is also the month of marriages, making it an ideal month to shop for wedding flowers too!

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List Of December Flowers in India

PetuniaRed Petunia Flowers in December

It was believed by the Mayan and Incas that petunia flowers had the magical power to ward off underworld monsters and demons away. The story had it that the flowers couldn’t thrive in negative vibes however, petunias are hardy flowers that can withstand difficult climates and harsh conditions. With just five hours of sunlight every day and once-a-week watering, the plant grows quickly. Petunias are available in a rainbow of colours and ideal for container gardening. The latest to catch the fancy of flower enthusiasts is orange petunias that are believed to have got the orange hue from genetic engineering, precisely from gene transfer from maize.

CinerariaCineraria flowers in December

Cineraria flowers are colloquially called ash gray for their colour. The gray lines on leaves look strikingly impressive against the green foliage. However, these gray lines aren’t liked much by all flower enthusiasts and many horticulturists are working to create cultivars that reduce ash-gray lines.  Over the years, the size of flowers has increased and the leaves have become smaller in size.

MarigoldMarigold flowers in December

The bright yellow flowers are very popular as Indian wedding floral décor. Marigolds are used extensively as cut flowers and to prepare garlands. The flower has both positive and negative connotations. The flower is known as the ‘Herb of the Sun’ and stands for sunshine, positivity, and passion. However, in some cultures, it is linked to deaths.

CalendulaCalendula flowers in December india

In alternative medicinal therapy, homeopathy, calendula is used extensively to treat a range of skin diseases and inflammation.  The flower and parts of this plant are used for culinary and cosmetic purposes too. The flower is used in over 200 different lotions and cosmetics. It is also a potent antioxidant herb. The plant grows easily and is low-on-maintenance.

Violetsviolets in december in India

Violets are wildflowers that like cold climate and wither away in warm temperature. In favorable conditions, the flowers spread like a weed and can take over your garden. The flowers are edible and used extensively for their medicinal properties. Its heart-shaped leaves and violet flowers look beautiful and add a striking touch to your garden or lawn.