Don’t Toss Your Flowers – Crafty Ways to Preserve Withering Blooms

Flowers are indispensable items for preparing ornaments and doing up decorations. However, the death of the flower is an inevitable occurrence that every florist has to put up with eventually.

It’s nearly impossible to keep a specific variety of flowers available all year round. However, by preserving them, such as in the form of dried flowers, you give yourself access to a wide array of decorative items that are both magnificent and cost-effective to work with.

There are a number of creative ways in which these withered beauties of nature can be reused and enjoyed. Here, we take a look at some ideas.

While a Touch of Freshness Still Remains…

Deconstruct the Flowers for Creative UseDeconstruct flowers

While the flowers may have already withered, some of them can still be put to use as part of a creative arrangement. The petals can be stripped off, with the center being put to use if it has a nice look and feel to it. The stems of the flowers can also come in handy for creating a unique set of lines in the floral design.

Use the Flowers for Creative Artworks

There is a beautiful look associated with pressed flowers, and when they’re aligned in a proper arrangement, they become a truly amazing work of art. The flowers should be chosen on the basis of the textures, sizes, and colors that flow together before being laid out in unique arrangements on a flat piece of cardboard. Insert the pressed flower arrangement into a photo frame for a beautiful work of art.

Acid-free glue in a thin layer should be added to the cardboard so that the flowers can stay in place. Paper or fabric may also be used for, covering over the board to give a different look to each arrangement.

Once the design has been formed, press it down evenly under a flat surface for no more than a couple of weeks. Use a clear coat to seal the cardboard and then leave it to dry, following which you can pop it up into the photo frame.

Practice makes perfect and old flowers can help

Old and withering flowers can often be used for practicing various craft techniques or as samples for photography. These can be used for creating promotional, special edition designs, or you can also practice arrangement techniques that you would not dare to do otherwise. Photograph your new arrangements and post them online to show off your creative acumen. You’ll never know when one will catch someone’s eye!

Donate the Flowers Before They Are Gone for Gooddonate

A number of florists tend to come up with short-lived arrangements for their flowers when they are on the verge of hitting the expiration mark. This is a good idea as florists are sometimes left with a large volume of extra flowers. You can donate your arrangement to a local hospital, nursing home, or other similar health care facility where ailing patients can enjoy staying surrounded by these natural beauties even if only for a few days.

When the Flowers are Gone for Good…

Create a Simple Floral Arrangement with Dried Flowers

Bottle-Flower-201x300Arranging dry flowers is probably the easiest way you can make the most of your withered blooms. You can simply leave them hanging upside-down in a moisture-free, dark area for a few days to allow the petals to dry out completely. Once they have been dried out sufficiently, spray a sealer on them that will prevent the color from fading out. Be creative with your arrangements. They look really good and can even be used to decorate during various special occasions.


Go ahead and indulge yourself in working towards preserving dying flowers and you can enjoy seeing their beauty for a lifetime.