Red Flowers in India - Most Beautiful Indian Blooms

Gorgeous Pictures of Red Flowers in India

Red is the color of love and passion. Since ages, people have been trusting red flowers with their feelings and emotions, especially on Valentine’s Day. This mini-series on City Flowers brings you handy information on some of the most gorgeous and ethereal red flowers in India! So that next time when you are looking for red flowers, you don’t just limit yourself to roses!

Red roses - A Perfect Red Flower:

Roses are beautiful! Despite the fact that we started out with a thought to expand your vision with regards to red flowers, roses simply are the best and perfect red flower in India!

Petunia:Red Petunia Flower in India

Red petunia flowers are gorgeous! However, depending on the context, the flower represents different feelings ranging from resentment to connection!

Trumpet creeper:Red Trumpet Creeper flower in India

This trumpet-shaped flower is a creeper and basically an invasive species.

Anthuriumred Anthurium flowers in India

Anthurium petals have a glossy surface. This bright-coloured flower represents happiness and abundance.

CarnationRed carnations flower India

Carnations come in a range of colours. Red carnation, however, stands for unadulterated and eternal love as it is believed that this red flower sprung from the tears of Mother Mary when she witnessed his son on the cross.  The red carnation also means heartache and longing for a loved one.

GerberaRed gerbera flower in India

Red gerbera daisy looks delightful in a mixed bouquet! A floral arrangement with this perennial plant becomes more beautiful and happier! The fifth most popular flowers in the world stand for cheerfulness and innocence.

Red Lilies:Red Lilies Flowers in India

Lilies are available in different hues and sizes. Like red roses, red lilies represent love, passion and desire. In weddings, the flower is considered to be a symbol of union and declares eternal love.

Red Zinnia Flower:

Zinnia is a flower that doesn’t get much-talked about despite being so gorgeous and classy! It represents endurance, everlasting love and virtue.


Red dahlias signify survival, dignity and elegance. Depending on the situation you are in, the flowers also represent betrayal from a close friend or relative or even sudden change in plans.

Red Hibiscus:Red Hibiscus Flower India

Hibiscus is your ‘carpe diem’ flower that tells you to ‘seize the moment’ and ‘live in the present!’

Red calla lily:

Red calla lily represents passion, desire, infatuation and love. You can also send a calla lily to admire one’s righteousness and courage.

Red orchids Flower in India:

Red orchid looks ethereal every bit! The radiant flower represents power, love, determination, strength and gratitude for the person you love. However, unlike a rose, orchids can be gifted to celebrate platonic relationships.