Most Romantic Cities in India - Find India's Romantic Places

Love doesn’t have to do anything with being in a particular city but as they say there is something in the air, you can definitely experience romance in some cities, which can take your love to a completely new level. There is something magical in these cities where you can forget the rest of world, get lost in each other’s eyes, hold hands until you are tired and sit down to gorge on amazing food! CityFlowers brings you a lowdown on India’s most romantic cities where you can plan your next trip with your special someone. Whether you are going there on your honeymoon or want to go there to rekindle your romance, these cities never disappoint you! In fact, you don’t even have to spend a fortune to visit them as trip to these cities can be planned on a budget! While we have included some of the very obvious romantic spots, you can also find some sweet spots that are still away from the hustle-bustle of tourists.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to know what makes these cities so special and how you can have a blast there!

  • Mumbai:

Mumbai is the city of dreams but we love it for its freedom! Freedom of wearing what one wants and freedom of expressing love! Just imagine walking alongside the coastal line at Marine Drive in the evening with your special someone! Gorging on the Parsi cuisine at Britannia or Leopold Café or shopping from the roadside vendors and haggling with them for the souvenirs you want to take back home. If you want to spend your evenings, there can’t be a better option than Prithvi Theater where you can catch up with some eminent theatre personalities as well as drink amazing Sulemani chai!

Plan a trip to the butterfly park, Thane, where the owner would become your guide and take you for a stroll while you can feast your eyes on the amazing species of butterflies. You can choose to spend your evenings in Candies, Juhu under the starry sky or go to Marina Café to have your dinner overlooking the ocean.  If you are up for an adventure, you can take a ferry ride and plan a trip to Elephanta Caves. On an idle Sunday or weekend, you can choose Colaba lanes as these are the perfect way to spend your evenings. Those lanes could give serious competition to the streets of Paris. A ferry ride with your loved one to the sunset is going to etch forever on your mind.

Just make sure that you don’t plan your trip in March-April as these months can be very hot and just don’t in July-August as these are the  months when it rain  and Mumbai rains aren’t much popular even with Mumbaikars!

Rest of the months is pleasant and if you are in North India, you can avoid those chilly months of December and January to enjoy the amazing weather of Mumbai.

  • Jaipur:

Shuddh Desi Romance! Remember when a film released with the backdrop of this tier-2 city and how it took all of us by surprise! The fresh backdrop of Jaipur’s scenic locales made us go wow! Hawa Mahal brings out the windy breezy feel of romance whereas Amber fort is good to take an evening walk with your loved one. Jaipur is known for its royal heritage and you won’t be disappointed if you visit the city to relive or rekindle your romance. Take a stroll down the lanes of Johri Bazaar if you want to purchase the Rajasthani mojris or leheriya.  Apart from this, here you can find lakh ki chudiyan, bandhani, stone carving, zari, kinari and zardozi samaan. Johri Bazaar in Jaipur is amazing place to buy silver jewellery, gems, kundan, meenakari and leather ware.

The pink of buildings isn’t actually pink though. They are the shades of red, which gives an illusion of pink. But whatever it is, the pink city and its feel go well with the romance! If you are there, eat pyaz ki kachori, bajre ki roti and lehsun ki chatni for the complete Rajasthan feel! The city’s simple way of living standards and casual feel can make you fall in love with it. Unless you are planning to live in a five or seven-star hotel, you can actually plan a budget trip to Jaipur! You can also plan to visit the city around Elephant Festival, Ganguar, Teej and Kite Festival. However, you would like to ascertain hotel bookings in advance as hotels, flights as well as trains reservations experience peak demands during the festival season.

If you want to experience what it is like to be at a Rajasthani Village, you can plan a trip to Chokhi Dhani, which is a theme-based restaurant and offers a range of activities happening in a day-to-day basis of

Plan a trip to Jaipur in the months of December, January, February and March. Summers can be very humid and unpleasant, to an extent that it could be difficult to come out of your hotel room even in the evening. Like rest of North India, winters can be unpleasant too but since most of the city has historical places to venture, you can do that easily without thinking twice about the sun. However, this won’t be possible if you are visiting in May or June when there is blistering heat. Carry a SPF50 sunscreen, hat, cotton and easy clothes for your trip and you will just be fine!


Welcome to the land of beautiful scenic locations! It is the land where you could find that nature has bestowed all! It is the beautiful combination of nature, spirituality and beauty! Here you can go to monasteries, explore the mountains that are standing tall against all odds and barren valleys only to find that they are unfathomable.  The sky is of deep blue color, something that you have forgotten if you are living in a metro city for long. Under the clear and starry sky, you can gorge on authentic Sikkim cuisine, which is like an icing on the cake.

It is better to visit Sikkim in months when there is not too hot or cold. It can be very difficult to visit Sikkim in the months of May, June and July because it can be very scorching whereas it is very pleasant in December, January, February and March. Take some woolen clothes for the night and you can spend the day in light clothes. Don’t you get deceived by snow-capped mountains because sun can be very tricky and wicked here. Chances are you will be severely tanned once you are back from there. Carry SPF 25 Sunscreen and apply it on your feet, ears and hands generously. You wouldn’t want to look odd red on parts and places of your body that aren’t covered!

Sikkim cuisine is rich and quite opposite of the contrary belief; you can find vegetarian food here as well, which is quite rich, fulfilling and yummy! Sikkim is home to dramatic landscape, glaciers, alpine meadows and beautiful flowers that you can’t find anywhere else. Tread along those steep paths as they can lead to Pemayangtse and other Buddhist monasteries on hilltop. What’s more? The beautiful Himalayan pass Nathu La, an offshoot to the ancient Silk Road, which connects the region to China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. The glacial Lake Tsomgo is a treat to watch with your special someone as it is going to form an everlasting memory for you.  The surface of this lake changes color with the seasons and is considered to be with deep respect.

Explore the landscape and shop for Buddhist home accents on your way back home to form some unforgettable memories with your loved one.

  • Bangalore:

Of late, Bangalore has been in news for all the wrong reasons. Be it the New Year brawl or insane traffic during peak office hours but we would like to have you believe otherwise. Bangalore is one beautiful city! It is fifth-most populous urban agglomeration and third-most populous city in India. The city enjoys moderate weather throughout the year and thus, you can plan your trip to the city anytime you want. Bangalore is called ‘The Garden City of India’ because of its lush green parks and broad streets. Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park are very popular among tourists. Moreover, the city is also called the Pub Capital of India. The underground music scene has also earned the city the title of Rock /Metal Capital of India and no wonder, whenever a premier rock show  concert is about to be held, Bangalore is the first choice.  In fact, Bangalore has its own Bangalore rock, which is a heady mix of heavy metal, classic rock and hard rock with hints of jazz and blues in it.

Also, as per the ratings of Lonely Planet, Bangalore is third among the must-visit top ten cities in the world (May-2012).  If you don’t mind the rush and crowd, you can also plan to visit Bangalore on Bangalore Karaga festival, one of the most important and oldest festivals.  This festival is dedicated to Draupadi and happens during the month of March-April. Couples, who love arts, can visit town halls and catch Yakshagan performance, which is a theatre art native to coastal Karnataka.

Apart from Udupi restaurants and every renowned food chains as well as café, you have vegan-friendly restaurants too.  However, visiting Mumbai can be little expensive and not budget-friendly, especially when you are a North Indian and looking for Punjabi / North Indian food to gorge on.

You can also plan a trip to Koorg or Tirupati from Bangalore.

  • Delhi

Ye Delhi hai mere yaar! Yes, we know that how Delhi scares people off.  While we hear that how Delhi is Dilwallon ki, we have been hearing about the stories as well that how people are being cheated on. However, nothing beats its charm.  The city is like east meets west.  With 1,200 heritage sites to boast of, this city is a beautiful and is a connecting link between modern day sensibilities and ol’ world charm. Plus, the food of the city is something to die for! From Chandni Chowk’s chhole bhature to the plush vegan restaurants, the city brings you the best of both worlds. Avoid months of May, June and July because it is too hot and the months of December and January can be too windy as well as chilly.  Hence, try August to November and March because the weather will be too pleasant and you can make the most of your stay there. And just to let you know, Delhi has everything for you. If your special someone want to shop a lot without throwing her budget off track, catch some stupendous theatrical performance or want to sinfully indulge in luscious ghee paranthas or just wish to be mesmerized by monuments that stand tall since centuries,  it is the place to be! Delhi is also called the ‘Book Capital’ and World’s second largest book exhibition is held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi every year. India International Trade Fair (IITF) is every shopper’s paradise as it brings

Since Delhi is connected via Metro rail to Gurgaon and Noida as well, you can travel all over without worrying about going overboard with the expenses.

The Golden Triangle of Jaipur-Delhi-Agra is quite famous and for good reasons. If you have time, you can take a trip to the peripherals as well.

While this doesn’t say that rest of cities in India aren’t romantic enough but a trip to these top-most romantic cities in India is must if you are planning a vacation. Anyway, if you two happen to be in love with each other and together, you can create romance wherever you are and whenever you want! Don’t forget to add flowers, cake and soft toys to make your romantic rendezvous even more amazing and memorable than ever!