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Balloon Decorations

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The importance of balloon decorations in different types of events and ceremonies in human life

Regarding the balloons

Colourful balloons are integral part of human life and celebrations. Balloons are the deflated thin rubber sacs with air filled inside them. There are two main types of balloons; the first type of balloons can be deflated by the air of mouth. These can also be deflated using special air machine and pumping air through them. The other type of balloon is filled with special types of gases which are lighter than that of the atmospheric air mixture. These balloons float easily in the air. These balloons are commonly known as “gas balloons”, loved by the children as a playing thing. Balloons are used for playing as well as for the decorative purposes in the numerous ceremonies, festivals and celebrations. The balloons make parties joyous.

The balloon decorations

The balloons are decorated in different ways in different types of ceremonies like birthdays, wedding, wedding anniversaries, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, inaugurations, etc. The balloons are arranged in bunches in the birthdays of the children. Colourful balloons are decorated at various corners of the house and the community halls where the celebration takes place. Children also play with the balloons. Embroidered and printed balloons are also available from numerous reputed decorators. The hats of the children are also decorated with the balloons and feathers.

The wedding ceremony and anniversary decorations

Balloons are widely used in the wedding ceremonies and anniversaries. These are arranged in different styles and designs at various places like wedding centres, wedding cakes, dinner halls, entrances, etc. The names of the bride and the groom are written by arranging the balloons at the entrances. These balloons are made of very strong types of long lasting and durable rubbers and so do not get inflated very easily and remain swollen throughout the entire ceremony. Almost all the walls are embroidered and decorated with the colourful balloons and papers. These gorgeous decorations make the occasion memorable for the guests as well as the hosts.