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Birthday Parties

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The Fun Of Theme parties

What is a Theme Party

A theme party is a get together where the whole party is focused on a particular theme. The theme usually is dependent on whether the party is for young children, college students, or grown up adults. How is a theme party different from a normal party? In a theme party, it is essential that you do everything as per the theme, and that includes the food, decoration, activity and many a times costumes and dresses.

Should your Party have a Theme?

When you plan to organize a party, the question that comes up so often in mind is whether or not to have a theme party? And once you do decide that you need a theme a big question is what should be the right theme? Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you decide.

      Who is the party for

This is the most important thing to consider as you need to know whether the invitees of your party will enjoy a theme or not. For example, most kids love to go to a Ben 10 theme or Mickey Mouse theme party. But if it is for college going folks you cannot have the same theme.

      Site and Place of the Party.

When planning a theme party knows that there are a few party locations that do not need a theme. When you are throwing a party in a restaurant, you do not actually need a theme as the place is already decorated and you cannot really make many changes to it and thus will not be able to do justice to the theme. Throwing a theme party is best when you have a space to yourself like a banquet hall, a lawn or an open terrace. In places like this, you can do up the whole place as per your theme and have a rocking party.

      When to have a theme party?

It is a good idea to have a theme party when you are having a birthday party for your child or partner or even friends, but not when it is a formal party where you will be meeting people from work and business. Theme parties are also great for bridal shower party, bachelor or bachelorette parties, college parties, anniversary parties, and special day party like a Diwali party (with a traditional theme) or a Valentine’s day party with heart and cupid theme.

How to Host a Theme Party

Theme parties are always more fun and interesting, but to have a successful theme party, you need some prior preparation and planning. The first thing to do is to decide on the theme as the whole planning is done as per the theme, once that is decided a big burden is lifted off your shoulder, all you need now is to create ideas as per the theme. You can either have a simple theme party or can have an elaborate one where the invitations, the menu, the decorations, the setting and even the dress correlates with the theme.

Why have a theme party:

Why have a theme party when you can have a simple one – the reason is

      Theme parties are always more fun and entertaining

      The invitees pay more  attention to your invitation by adhering to the dress code or the theme

      Decorating the venue is easier, all you need is to tell your theme to a party organizer or get the decoration as per the theme from a party shop.

      It is easier to plan the fun activities like games and dance as they are all as per the theme.

      When you are hosting a theme party in someone’s honor, the person always feels more important. If your child loves the stories of Aladdin just imagine how happy he will be when everyone is dressed up as an Aladdin character or when the whole place is in the Aladdin theme including the cake, the balloons, the return gifts and the decoration.

How much will it cost to have a Theme Party?

Theme parties can be organized on a very low budget or you can spend as much as you want. Discover your creative side and make your own cutouts and invitations as per the theme, it is more fun, and you can involve the kids and your friends too. If you are short of time or cannot go shopping for all the things, you need for your party, you can get all you need delivered at your doorstep- there are various online sites that will help you to choose from a long catalogue of products sitting at the comfort of your home.

And lastly, if you have a great budget - go and hire a party planner and have a magnificent and a perfect theme party that all will enjoy and remember for a long time to come!

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Use fresh flower decoration to make a perfect birthday party for your loved one

When it comes to decorations, flowers are inevitable. Wedding, parties, events and funerals, flowers are used in every occasion to add charm and beauty. There are different floral arrangements that are used to arrange flowers in the venue. The different types of flower arrangements are

Basket arrangements: floral arrangement in baskets

Boutonnieres: flower arrangements worn along with the individual’s attire

Bouquets: Arrangement of flowers in different combinations, bridal and welcome bouquets,

Corsage: Floral arrangement worn as a wristband

Centrepiece:  Flowers arranged in a mass to decorate formal and buffet table tops.

Vase: Mass or simple arrangement of flowers in vase

Ikebana: Eastern style floral arrangement that are simple and may only consist one or two flowers

Flowers and Parties:

Parties are celebrations of joy and happiness. The essence of every celebration is to share the overwhelming bliss with your family, friends and colleagues. Be it birthdays, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, promotion and success, you would love to celebrate each occasion of your life. So parties are meant to be lively, eventful and blissful. Every host will be devoting more time to make the party venue beautiful, the food tasty and ambiance energetic.

Decorations makes your party unique and stunning. Especially decoration using flowers is a treat to the eyes of the guests and the soothing feeling flowers offer are unparalleled. It is  known that different flowers relate to different trait or mood. This flower symbolism is used in every occasion to select flowers based on the party and mood. Usually bright coloured flowers are used in birthday parties and spring parties. Red flowers are used to express romance. Valentine’s Day and anniversary party venues are decorated with red flowers to bring love and romantic touch to the occasion.

Lilies, orchids, marigolds, sunflowers, carnations, roses and baby breaths are most preferred flowers in party decoration. Each flower arrangements are done according to the formality and the mood of the party. Kid’s parties and spring parties would have a lot of wild and loud flowers to give liveliness to the venue. On corporate parties flower arrangements would be muted and more compact.