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Different Type Of Theme Parties

Nowadays you might be hearing about throwing theme parties for different occasions such as birthday, marriage, reception, and anniversary and lots more. A theme is a subject or a topic and an event is celebrated on a specific theme. Everything that we use for a particular event would be based on the theme. You must choose a theme that would really enhance the fun of a party. You must put a little effort planning a particular theme so that it becomes a huge success. There are different theme ideas are available for different occasion. Whether it is a birthday or anniversary, it should be a get together of all your old friends. You must theme the occasion in a style and choose unique ideas for themes including decoration, food, dresses, gift and so on.

Choosing a theme party

If you want to bring all your friends together to spend a good time, you must consider a theme based party. While hosting such party, there should be more than 20 guests so that the occasion looks great and a memorable one. You must choose decoration, music, menu and games related to the specific theme you have chosen.

Invite the right mix of people – If you have decided to host a theme based party, invite the right mix of people who will enjoy the theme. You can invite friends who don’t know each other and consider different age groups. You should choose creative type costumes and let an older group of people get mingled with the younger generation.

Planning the menu – while hosting a theme party, selecting the right food is an important element. If you are planning a dinner, choose menu related to the theme. It is a great idea to serve dessert simply, and for children’s parties, creative cupcakes with colored frosting is a good idea. Display desserts based on the theme.

Light and decorations – The place where you are going to host party should be decorated based on the theme. Install dim bulbs and light fabrics in the room to give a smoky feel. You can search through online and find go through some light decorating ideas. Choose the light color that suits with your theme.

Costumes – Costume plays an important role in theme based parties. You must inform your guest about the theme and what type of costumes they must wear for the party. Let your guest choose designer and stylish dress of their choice. Make sure all of your guests are dressed up according to the theme. You can give out prizes for best creative costumes and ask a question about their costumes.

Planning the games – choose the right game that will make your guest enjoy at their best. Along with costumes, games also glue up people together. Choose games that fit with the party theme. You must give off gifts for those who have won the game.

Different type of theme parties

It is sometimes really difficult to choose a theme for a particular occasion. Here are given some different style themes for various occasions.

Jungle theme birthday party for kids – Both boys and girls would love jungle themed birthday parties. Create a jungle space and turn the party area into a jungle. Decorate the space with brown card boards designed and colored in the shape of the trunks. Using green paper, draw leaves and cut them paste it on the wall. Create a jungle canopy and place stuffed toy animals all over into the room. The decoration should make children feel adventurous and create a waterfall. The background music must be jungle noises like the chirping of birds, animals, making sounds, lions roaring etc. Keep children’s entertainer and playing party games and choose activities related to the jungle.

Arabian nights and Caribbean nights – a perfect cocktail part of summer, especially those who love to dance a lot. Arabian night themes are arranged in thick desert area with sand dunes and soothing music. You can choose the glamorous Bedouin tent with proper lighting suitable for the event. Have some fun by arranging belly dancers. The Caribbean night theme can be chosen by creating beaches. Create beaches at outdoor areas and ask your guest to wear bright short dresses. Decorate the space with palm trees and plenty of limbo sticks. Serve Caribbean style seafood items and lots of fresh fruits. It is a great idea to have a barbecue.

Casino night theme – for adults and bachelors, a Las Vegas Casino night theme party are a perfect idea for late night. The party must last until early morning. Such type of parties is mostly enjoyed by young generation guests. Create a cocktail mood in the space and specify what type of costumes your guests must wear. There must be lots of variety of seafood items to eat and drinks too. You must play games related with cards, board games on a pool table. Choose casino themed decorations. 

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