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Designer Cakes

Not Sure What Designer Cakes You Need To Order? Choose From Best Designer Range, Choose From Best Design!

Many customers in India as well abroad order for multiple tier birthday cakes for the major celebrations. The cakes are 2, 3 to 4 tiers. These are mostly ordered when there are a large number of birthday invitees in the party. Thus, all of them can enjoy big pieces of the cakes. These multiple tier cakes are also available in all tastes, flavors, colors as that of single tier cakes offered by the Indian confectioners and florists. The cakes are gorgeously decorated with flowers, ribbons, small in Pong balls, little teddies, etc. Thus, the party becomes memorable for all.

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A Cake Revolution

Happy birthdays, happy weddings, cakes have seen it all. Has anyone wondered why this piece of freshly baked, aromatic, creamy, frosty, colorful, baked flour has gained wide importance on the most important days of people’s lives? Let’s take a trip around some very interesting facts about cakes.

So, what are cakes, really?

The word cake has been derived from the Old Norse ‘Kaka’. It is a food that is sweeter than bread and softer than a biscuit.  The French call it gateau, the Portuguese calls it Bola, the German calls it kuchen, and the Spanish calls it Torta. Everywhere, the recipe is more or less the same – flour, sugar, eggs, butter, etc. Over time, the ordinary breads became luxurious with more butter, eggs and oil which resulted in the evolution of cakes.