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Birthdays Ideas

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Wishing birthday with flowers

The concept of birth flowers

Started by the Victorian people, flower language actually was the output of love buds. When the Victorian society was counting expression of love in open as an inappropriate move, lovers needed to find a way out of it. This brought the idea of flower language. Soon the beauty of flower spread took everyone in its control, and people started sending flowers for every occasion. That's how the birthday flowers came to surface. Specific colors and specific species of flowers were linked with a particular month. It was taken as the best flowers to gift someone born in that peculiar month. The assigning job was done on the basis of availability of flowers according to the season. Every flower has got a hidden message in it. The flowers keep the meaning inside their soft petals and convey it to the recipient.

Different flowers for different months

The beautiful carnation, is the flower for the month January. Love and fascination are read out by the flower. Its various colors have various meanings, but all have got love and fascination in common. The violet looks magnificent for the month of February and it’s the birthday flower for February. The pleasure of its aroma is enough to convey the message of faith and humility that the sender has in the recipient.

You know the birthday flower of March is daffodil? Yes daffodils are the best flowers to be sent to someone whose birthday falls in March. The beautiful shape and availabilityin different colors make the flower so adorable. They are expressing the importance of someone in your life. The April month birthdays are celebrated with sweet pea. They are cute Lil’ flowers to thank others for their presence in your life. Send lily to someone whose birthday is in the month of May. This graceful flower reads how someone made your life.

Now June is the lucky month to have roses as its birth flowers. The most beautiful and amazing flower, rose says hundred messages. Every color has got such a distinctive and clear meaning. This is the flower to express love. Let it be about your secret love or anything else, with roses you can say it very easily. In July gift larkspur. Hinting towards the openheartedness of a person, the larkspur signifies joy and life. The birthday flower for august is gladiolus, which is for your love at first sight.

For September the flower is astir. They mean faith, wisdom and love. The marigold buds up in October, and these fluffy balls of petals are the symbol of smoothness you caused in my life. They also show the trust you have in me. After October, in the month of November, chrysanthemum is the birth flowers of November. The year ends with narcissus. They are the true symbol of honesty and respect.

These were the meanings that flowers hold in them. They carry your message with all love and care. You can try out these tools of wish birthday to your family and friends. The perfect gift, flowers will bring joy and happiness to you as well to the one receiving your beautiful gift.