13 Best Flowers in Winter - Colorful Indian Flowers

Winter Flowers in India

When you are having a winter event it helps to know what kind of flowers are in season during the winter months. White, red and green flowers are typically used in winter flower arrangements. If you are having an event between November and March chances are good that you will have one of the following flowers in you flower arrangements.amaryllis

Amaryllis winter flowers

These flowers make an excellent focal point to any bouquet or centerpiece. Amaryllis come in a variety of colors including red, white, pink and salmon. You can also get bicolor amaryllis. A single stem of amaryllis can be pricey, but each stem has three to six blossoms so you don’t need a lot of stems to make a bouquet or centerpiece.anemone


These winter flowers require a lot of water to stay bloomed once they are cut so they work well as a table centerpiece and not so much in a bouquet in India. Anemones come in a variety of colors including white, red, purple, pink and blue. The flowers have black center so they work well for people looking to add those darker elements to their decor.bells-of-ireland1

Bells of Ireland

If you are looking for green winters flowers in India to add to your bouquet or centerpiece you may want to consider Bells of Ireland. These flowers are native to Turkey, and have been cultivated since the 1500s. These flowers have longevity when cut which makes them a favorite of florists.camellia


These flowers are a favorite of brides because they last a long time. Oftentimes, florists choose these flowers in place of peonies. Even if you don’t use the camellia flowers, the dark green waxy leaves look great in table centerpieces.Carnation-Flower


Low in cost, the carnation flowers are available all year round. These flowers in winter seasons come in a multitude of colors including yellow, red, pink, white, orange and purple. They even come in bicolor. Miniature carnations look great in table centerpieces.daffodil


Also known as Jonquils and Narcissus, this flower is a winter bulb and now grown in Indian winter seasons too. Daffodils bloom the same time of the year as tulips, but the two cannot be combined in one bouquet because they exude a sap the harms the tulips. Daffodil come in a variety of colors including yellow, white, orange, pink and tricolor.poinsettia1


Often sold as potted plants during Christmas time, poinsettias can also be cut and used in bouquets. Poinsettias with red flowers are the most popular, but you can also find poinsettias in a marbled color. They are hard to find, but poinsettias also come in orange and purple. Potted poinsettias are nice for decorating an alter or as table centerpiece.Oriental-poppy


One of the most popular wildflowers in the United States, poppies originated in Asia. Poppies look great in a table centerpiece and they also work well in bouquets. They come in a variety of colors including purple, red, white, orange, pink and yellow.ranunculus-PGI


These flowers bloom from January to May. When they are in season they make a nice substitute for roses because they cost less and look similar. Ranunculus are available in red, pink, yellow, white and orange. They look great in a bouquet and also work well in a centerpiece.star-of-bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

Typically used as filler flowers, these flowers grow in clusters on long stems. They have a long vase life and look great in table centerpieces. These flowers only come in white.pinkpearl

Sweet Pea

If you are looking for a fragrant winter flower in India for you table centerpieces, look no further. This flower has a lovely fragrance. Sweet peas also look great in wedding bouquets because bride can cradle them in her arms as she walks down the aisle. They also work well for corsages. Sweet peas are available in colors of red, white, pink and purple.Easter-flowers-tulips


Tulips have nice clean lines, so they look great in modern floral arrangements. They make an excellent flower choice for bouquets, but they also look great in table centerpieces. Tulips come in every color you could possibly imagine even black. Tulips also come in bicolor varieties.DCF 1.0

Wax Flower

The foliage of the wax flower looks great in floral arrangements. It also has a citrus aroma that is very pleasant. Wax flowers work great as filler. The plant bears flowers in lavender, white and pink.