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Now getting to the point, one may have noticed that the best flower shows are the ones that are most properly and meticulously organized. In every flower show or exhibitions, there are different sections for different kinds of plants, depending whether they need warmth or fresh air without a greenhouse covering. One can have many ideas concerning how to decorate flowers for an exhibition.

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158 products

The lilies have different importance depending upon the culture that you are looking into. The Greek culture symbolizes lilies for their innocence and courage. On the other hand, in the western culture lilies are used at funerals because of their white color. The lilies are dedicated to the dead as a form of glorification of their souls. Also different forms of lilies have different colors and hence signify something else.

Like white lilies are offered to the Virgin Mary to symbolize her chastity. So they are used on a variety of occasions from weddings to funerals depending upon their color and significance.

In case if you are congratulating to your loved ones then you can show your love and passion by giving Irises. The congratulations bouquets should include different kinds of flower when you are gifting it to higher officials, friends, etc. Including Irises in the bouquets is one of the best ways to appreciate your dear ones. The hidden meaning behind giving this flower is academy compliment. Pimpernel is another flower that can be gifted to show appreciation towards a person. The hidden meaning behind gifting these flowers is “life change”. It is mostly presented to the people who already have kids (little angles).