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As the viewers proceed into the exhibition area, one must make sure that everything is perfectly organized and that there is no confusion in the paths that the visitors should take. Instead of arranging the flowers in a haphazard way, the flowers and plants should be organized according to a system. The orchids should be in one section, the tulips in another, and the bonsai plants in another corner and so on and so forth.

54 products

54 products

People in India, also give a bouquet of dry fruits as a gift for many occasions. Generally, people gift dry fruit bouquets at the time of ring ceremony or popularly called as “Tilak” ceremony from the bride’s side to the groom side and vice versa the dry fruit bouquet is gifted to the bride’s side people from groom’s side people on the ceremony of “God Bharai” in marriages.

Importance of florists

Packing improves the beauty of the flowers. Many experts, well-professional florists are available across the globe. Florists use different color ribbons, baskets, bows, covers of various colors to get eye-catching and appealing look to the flower bouquets. They pack the flowers neatly and make them look attractive. They gather different types of flowers to grab the customer’s attention so that they can get good orders. Different kinds of flowers are arranged together and are packed attractively to gift to your loved ones.