22 Types of Spring Flowers - With Pictures

Types of Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are not just flowers. They are the harbinger of good times ahead after the dark gloomy days of winter when everybody is looking forward to some brightness and burst of color.  And rightfully, spring flowers come in an array of colors that bring you a dash of color and positivity after a long and dark spell of winters. Maya Flowers brings you a list of spring flowers that promise to bring you brightness and lift up your mood. Because after all, who wouldn’t like to wake up to red and yellow sunshine flowers?

Early Spring Flowers

Early spring flowers bloom during the last phase of winter, giving us the much-awaited early signs of spring that can come anytime knocking at our doors.

Spring CrocusesSpring Crocuses Flower

Crocuses are the earliest one to bloom and if you see them blooming in your garden or neighborhood, it is time! The cup-shaped flowers come in a variety of colors such as mauve, lilac, white and yellow, the colors of spring! This is a low-maintenance plant, however; you would like to keep it away from rodents.

Witch HazelWitch Hazel flower

Witch Hazel is a colorful and fragrant flower that is actually low maintenance as well as resistant to rodents and diseases. This grows out a deciduous shrub and the flower looks so beautiful against the winter sun.

Winter Aconitewinter aconite flower

The flowers thrive in cold climate and give you hope for bright and sunny days ahead. The yellow flowers of winter aconite are frost-tolerant and can withstand the first snow as well.

Helleborehellebore Flowers

The other popular names for hellebore are winter rose and Christmas rose, however, the plant isn’t related to roses. It is the red-dark flower and evergreen foliage that earns it its nickname.

CamelliaCamellia flowers

The bright pink camellia flowers are all you need to brighten up a dull winter day! Besides the ornamental usage, the petals of the flowers are used in tea preparation and seeds are used for oil.

SnowdropSnowdrop flowers

The milky white flower looks like drops of milk hanging from its leaf-less stem. It is one of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring as it works its way through winters.  It is believed that flower was originated when an angel breathed upon a snowflake. The flower represents rebirth, hope and optimism.

ChionodoxaChionodoxa flowers

It is also called Lucile’s glory of the snow or Bossier’s glory of the snow.  The blue colored flowers form a white eye in the center, giving it a striking appearance. Juxtaposed against the winter sky or snow, these flowers look ethereal and soothing.

PansyPansy flowers

The word, pansy is derived from French language and means ‘thought.’  These viola flowers used to represent a lover’s idyllic pursuit and remembrance of his love and doing nothing else. Today, it symbolizes cheerfulness of mind.  Pansy has two overlapping petals, one bottom petal, and two side petals.

A List of Early Spring Flowers

Scilla sibericaScilla siberica flower

These are one of the early bloomers. This bulbous perennial, despite the cue, isn’t a native to Siberia. The blue flowers have six stamens and six petals. The nodding bluebell-like flowers feature on the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

DaffodilDaffodil flowers

These perennial spring flowers have six petals-like tepals arranged in a trumpet-shaped corona. The color of the flower is usually white or yellow but you can also spot orange or pink varieties too at some botanical centers. Some parts of the plant including flowers are used for medicinal purpose and alternative healing.

Iris ReticulataIris Reticulata flower

The flower is a bright blue color that goes against well with the spring sky.  It is also called netted iris or golden iris. Flowers are usually purple but also available in blue, yellow and with an orange blaze. Sharply-pointed and ribbed leaves make for attractive foliage.

ForsythiaForsythia flowers

The plant is a deciduous shrub with a brown bark. The leaves are simple and placed opposite. The yellow four-lobed flowers bloom in early spring just right before the foliage. The petals are joined only at the base, rendering the much-needed protection to the productive parts by shielding them during rough weather. It has also been stated widely that forsythia flowers produce lactose or milk sugar. It is impossible to find lactose in nature except for milk but this fact isn’t verified by scientists.

AnemoneAnemone flowers

Anemone happens to be one of the most attractive and productive early spring flowers.  Depending on where you live, you can plant the bulbs in fall, winter or early spring. The plant flowers within three months after that! And each bulb can produce up to 20 white flowers! In fact, vase life of anemones is pretty fantastic too. They can go for 10 days and this is why they make for an integral part of fresh flower bouquets and wedding flower décor.

A List of Mid-Spring Flowers

HyacinthsHyacinths flowers

This bulbous plant has a single and dense spike of fragrant blooms that grow in a variety of colors such as white, orange, pink, yellow, violet and red.  The flower is perfect for this phase of spring as it prefers little and indirect sunlight.  Rarely, a blue or white hyacinth spike can also be seen. The bulbs of flowers are poisonous and can cause mild allergies. The flowers represent rebirth and hope. It is also placed on the table for the Persian New Year. So, if you want to bring some hope to someone this summer or fill your garden with serenity, hyacinths are the perfect choice for you.

Tulipsred tulips in mountains

This perennial flowering plant grows from bulbs. The star-shaped flowers grow on single stalk amidst the leaves. The strap-shaped leaves have a waxy coating and are alternately arranged. Usually, tulips produce only one flower per stem but you can see some species producing multiple flowers on scapes.

AzaleasAzaleas flowers

Azaleas are slow growing but you have over 10,000 cultivars to choose from. Depending on the species, the flowers can be white-yellow, sometimes fragrant and sometimes crimson red in color.  Plant breeders need to watch out for leafy gall disease in the early spring.

MagnoliaMagnolia flowers

Magnolia is an evergreen large tree and produces white fragrant flowers. In the world of flowers, white magnolia flowers represent perfection and purity whereas pink magnolia flowers stand for the joyous innocence of youth.

Primroseprimrose flowers

The flowers bloom in early spring and are mainly used for ornamental purposes. Since they come in an array of size and color, they are used for beds and borders too. The red, yellow, orange, pink, white and cream, purple and bloom flowers give a colorful landscape against the mid spring sky.

A List of Late Spring Flowers

Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley flowers

This sweet scented flower, however, is highly toxic. In the universe of flowers, it represents a return of the happiness. It is also called ‘Our Lady’s Tears and Mary’s Tears as it is believed that the flowers sprung from Mary’s tears when she saw her son being crucified. The flowers are also used for weddings but can be quite an expensive affair. The flowers were used in the wedding of Prince Williams and Catherine Middleton.

LilacLilac flowers

Lilac flowers come in seven colors and are available in different phases of spring from early to mid and late. Different varieties can give you steady blooms throughout the spring and at least till 7 weeks. These low maintenance flowers are fragrant and attract butterflies.

PeoniesPeonies flowers

Peonies flowers are loved by gardeners and rightly so! These flowers bring incredible beauty to your canvas and can thrive in any part of the country. The sumptuous beauty of flowers and pleasant fragrance are just the signs that spring has arrived.

AlliumAllium flowers

Allium flowers are available in a rainbow of colors, from white to yellow and from signature violet to pink. The flowers belong to species of garlic and onion so rest assured that deer won’t touch them but the kind of beauty and the ornamental value they add to your garden is something that you are definitely going to love!