3 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet ideas 1Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, and you need to overlook every small detail to make sure it is unforgettable, flawless and perfect in every way. One of the things that require more attention and detail as compared to the rest is the bridal bouquet that the bride carries. It has much more importance than just a regular bouquet due to its traditional value and the compliment it gives to the bride’s dress. There are several ways to personalize your wedding bouquet, to make it look exactly as you want and please. wedding bouquet ideas 3
One of the ways to do this is to add ribbons to your wedding bouquet. Different textures, lengths and colors of ribbons can be experimented with to go with your style and wedding theme. For a beach wedding, add a rope to give the beach effect, for a vintage wedding, add lace or net to further complement the theme. There are several other themes and types of ribbons that go with each one of them, and it is a great idea to handpick customized ribbons and laces to make both your day and your bouquet to stand out and be unforgettable.wedding bouquet ideas 4

Another thing to add to your bouquet to make it your own is a keepsake or a token that symbolizes your love and journey leading up to your wedding day. You could also use something such as a family gift, e.g. your grandmother’s brooch or your mother’s necklace. This will also make you feel their immense love and support that drives you through life, along with paying homage to the unbreakable bond of blood and family. This will truly make your wedding bouquet unique and personal.wedding bouquets ideas 2

Having inside stories that the world doesn’t know of adds the special touch and secrecy to your relationship. To celebrate your special bond, you can add something of a hidden meaning to your wedding bouquet that only you and the groom can understand. You could wrap your flowers in a page from your favorite book, a letter from your significant other, your wedding vows, or music sheets from your wedding song. All of these make the bouquet a reminder of your endless love, and the commitment that you make to each other.

These ideas make you own your wedding and personalize it to the tiniest of details.