5 Flowers That You Can't Kill - For Young Gardners

Those who love gardening will agree that it is not a low maintenance job and a gardener constantly faces a lot of challenges. Sometimes the plants won’t bloom at all, while other times they may just die an untimely death. Won’t it be nice to have plants that require little to zero maintenance? Yes, it is possible! Don’t let Mother Nature fool you as not all the plants are as fickle as you may think. Consider the following hardy plants that are not only perfect for a novice to grow but also for the neglectful gardeners!

[caption id="attachment_511" align="aligncenter" width="624"]Image courtesy https://sites.psu.edu/siowfa15/2015/10/23/what-does-sunflower-do-at-night/ Image courtesy Sites.PSU.EDU[/caption]


Sunflower: Popular flower of Punjab and found in surroundings of Chandigarh city horticulture. Like the name suggests, Sunflowers need full sun to grow. The benefit attached with these cheerful flowers is that these need very little attention and care. These flowers are remarkably tough and so they can grow in any kind of soil. Also, these are quite drought tolerant and hence even if you don’t water them for a while, they will survive. Another great fact about sunflowers is that even when they look half dead and almost dehydrated, some watering can really help them recover quickly. Now that doesn’t seem difficult!


In India, It is Found mostly in Bangalore city flower growing region of India. Who doesn’t love orchids? With almost 30,000 known speciesand a new one being discovered almost every year, Orchids truly are world’s most specialised plants.If you are looking for a flower that is elegant and exotic but at the same time doesn’t require a special climate to grow, Phalaenopsis Orchid is the plant you are looking for! This plant produces gorgeous looking flowers and will thrive in indirect sunlight. Another perk of having this plant is that it only needs to be watered once in a week, and you can even water it with a single ice cube! Awesome isn’t it? It seems just like most of the other species of Orchid even this one is pretty forgiving!


In India, mostly found in surroundings of Kolkata city. Peace lilies are renowned for their easy care. Not only will these pretty looking flowers brighten up their surroundings but these also have great air-purifying abilities. These flowers do well in medium to low lit areas and can even survive in artificial light. Just like the aforementioned Phalaenopsis Orchids, even Peace Lilies are quite forgiving and an added advantage with them is that these will let you know when they are thirsty. Just look for the tell-tale droop and you would know that its time you watered these pretty blooms. Feels like a dream no?

32-05Cosmos-bipinnatus-salmon-redCOSMOS BIPINNATUS

The big and beautiful Cosmos are quite easy to maintain flowers. Growing them can be extremely rewarding for any garden given to the frilly texture and pretty colours that these are found in. Cosmos often reseed on their own and they bloom from summer to frost. Hot dry condition along with poor to average soil works well in caseyou want to grow Cosmos. So directly sow these flowers into a bare area and watch some colourful, easy to care for blooms thrive!


This one could be a colourful long lasting addition to any flower garden. Zinnias are somewhat drought-tolerant flowers that require less watering. The seeds of this flower could be directly sown into any sunny flower bed and you will have some bright coloured pretty summer flowers that will last until the first frost. Also, these extremely vibrant flowers are highly attractive to butterflies, song birds and other pollinators.

There are a lot of other such sturdy beauties that can handle a little neglect and yet thrive gorgeously. These hardy, maintenance-free flowers are almost impossible to kill for these tough-as-nails blooms can grow anywhere even in odd conditions. Well,this doesn’t mean you start spraying these beauties with weed killer to check their resistance as that will obviously lead to their demise, so don’t take it up as a challenge! Just sow these pretty flowers and sit back to enjoy their beauty!