5 Most Fragrant Flowers in India

Fragrant Flowers in India:

Everyone loves pleasant odors and this keeps them fresh. Flowers are the best and liveliest source of the good smell.  Flower lovers always want fragrant flowers in their garden. As we all know that we have five senses and smell help to memorize something. So, you can say that flowers help to recollect old memories. People love to use perfume to smell good and there are many perfumes that extracted from the strong smelling flowers. The natural scent of flowers also helps to heal and relax someone. So, if you want to see your loved one to recover fast then you can gift fragrant flowers to them. The aromatherapy will surely help to heal. There are many flowers in India that not only add color to your garden but also make your garden fragrant. This fragrance can refresh your mind whenever you will visit your garden. So, if you are thinking of planting flowers in your garden then choose flowers with good fragrance and then you can enjoy refreshing fragrance daily. There are many people who do not like the strong fragrance of the flowers due to some allergies or other reasons. But if you love the fragrance of flowers then here is the list of fragrant flowers in India.

Tuberose or Rajnigandha:Rajnigandha Flower india

Tuberose is a scented flower and also known as Rajnigandha. It is very popular because of its beauty as well as for its delightful fragrance. People love to plant this flower near balconies and windows. When you will plant this flower then flower will give you fragrance for around 3 years. It is also used to make perfume because of its strong and sweet smell.

Fragrant Roses:Fragrant roses india

Roses are beautiful and everything about roses is best. Their looks, colors and even their scent are very attractive. Even a single bloom can scent an entire room. Rose comes in different colors and known for its fragrance. Perfume is also made from the petals of roses. If you will grow scented roses in your garden then their sweet fragrance will relax you daily.

Jasmines:Jasmine flowers India

Jasmines are considered as the most fragrant flowers and also their white delicate flowers are used to make perfume. The most fragrant flowers that you can grow in your home garden are Jasmines. Some people love to plant jasmine outside the bedroom window and night air drift this fragrance inside the room. The sweet smell helps to sleep properly. The popular species of Jasmines include Jai, Bela, Mogara, Juhi, Chameli etc.

Parijat (Nyctanthes):Parijat flowers India

Nyctanthes arbortristis is also known as Parijat. People love to grow this in their gardens because of their scent. This plant is beautiful and also it has many medicinal values. It can use to cure many diseases. This scented flower blooms from August and November. These flowers bloom at night and their presence can full your garden with fragrance. So, if you are planning to plant some scented flowers to your garden then parijat flower can be the best choice because it is beautiful, having a good scent and have many medicinal values.

Raat Ki Rani (Cestrum):Raat Ki Rani flower india

Cestrum flower that is commonly known as Raat ki rani is the night blooming flower. This beautiful fragrant flower can grow in any climate and also known as evergreen flowering bush. If you love scented flowers in your garden then you cannot miss this flower. Every fragrant garden is incomplete without this fragrant flowering bush. This flower is full of beauty and also its fragrance can mesmerize you. When you visit the place having Raat ki rani then this will brighten up your senses and relax your mind.