Throughout history, the beauty of flowers has continued to inspire great artists. Writers, philosophers, and poets and give us thoughts and feelings guided by Mother Nature. As for clothes, why do you trouble yourself about them? Observe wild anemones! Look at how to form their flowers: they grow without tiring spinning wool or weaving clothes. I assure you that King Solomon himself, despite all his glory has never been dressed like one of these flowers!

If God clothes so elegantly rustic small plant that is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the already fire, how much more will he take care of your clothing? Ah, your faith is still small! "(Matthew 6.28 - 30)

Have you ever seen a rose, lily and wildflowers? Have you ever noticed how the petals are delicate, soft to the touch? And shape? It's all in the rounding.

In addition to their beauty, the flowers emit such fragrances. They perfume the room in which they are located. And color? God has coated in bright colors. They do not go unnoticed. God created them in just to make us happy.

We dug up the best reasons to offer flowers. Your turn to judge…colorful_bouquet

The bouquet of flowers: the gift is timeless

The evolution of man as Darwin magazine with a bouquet of flowers

Let it be said, with a bouquet of flowers you have a 99 % chance of hitting your recipient. It is a timeless gift and must in any relationship that respects itself. A bouquet of flowers is still the safest gift to please or even get a heart. Chosen by you, it will make your family euphoric! Receiving flowers give the impression of being a special person in the eyes of one who we forwarded them.

Ps: Be careful with the colors and the meaning of flowers.

Flower like as much

Flowers appeal to everyone

Who does not love receiving a nice bouquet of flowers? Whether for his lover, friends or family, everyone will be thrilled to receive flowers. It is attention that affects more adventurous. They bring softness and tenderness in the heart of the person receiving it. So why not use it?

Flowers: an infinite choice of a thousand colors and aromas

An endless selection of flowers: more than 1,000 varieties and colors

To please your loved one (s) or your loved ones, more than a thousand varieties of flowers are at your service to deliver a single message. Lilies, Roses, Freesias, Red, White, Orange, Blue ... even the chameleon cannot resist. See the multicolored bouquet.

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Due to offer flowers: ideal for expressing feelings

Flowers to express all his feelings

You have something on your heart that you cannot express? Positive or negative, the flowers are there to help you. Each flower conveys a different emotion. A bouquet of red roses for passion, white lilies for the purity of your feelings ... Do shut up more and talk the most beautiful language that is: the flowers.

flowers to get to forgive

Offering flowers to be forgiven

Go, go, go, you've done something difficult to forgive you. Do not panic! Deliveries of home flowers just there for you to make you forgive your blunders. One click and the fault confessed is half redressed.

Benefits natural flowers

The benefits of natural flowers

The flowers have important virtues ... and yes!

They embellish a house, a touch of sun and sometimes a pleasant scent. But that's not all. According to Nicolas Gueguen, a lecturer of social psychology at the University of South Brittany, they give us the impression of being more attractive, they improve our performance, make us more sociable and stronger!

The next time you see a flower, watch it. Through its beauty, remember God's goodness to you. They delight us by sight and smell. You are the most beautiful flowers for God, a fragrant aroma. I will take pleasure in you as in a pleasant fragrance (Ezekiel 20: 41).

It so pleasing to witness your loved ones have joy.