African Violet Identification ( Saintpaulia ionantha )

African Violet Identification

Botanical Name: Saintpaulia ionantha

Native Country: Eastern Africa and Tanzania

This gorgeous African Violet plant is loved by all! A native of Africa, this plant bears dark green leaves and beautiful flowers, which also resemble violets. The overall combination looks stunning. No wonder, if you are a plant lover and would want to bring a dash of nature as well as color in your living space, African violet would have made it to the top of your list. The flowers bloom all throughout the year. The color of flowers could be anything from blue, pink, fuchsia and white to violet.  The professional growers have also produced hanging and trailing varieties of this houseplant.


Bright indirect light is best for them and hence, you can keep them close to a brightly-lit window facing North-East or East.

Well-drained soil is best for them. Don’t let water stay on the leaves and always water the African Violet plant from the bottom.  Let the excess water drain from the planter.

Avoid over fertilisation as it can cause poor growth, leaf tip burn and even death of the African Violet plant.