Aloe Vera Plant Identification Guide ( Aloe barbadensis miller )

Aloe Vera Plant Identification

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

Native Countries: Jordan, Southern and Tropical Africa, Mauritius, the Arabian Peninsula, Réunion, Madagascar, Comoros

A member of Liliaceae family, the sap of aloe vera is used heavily in cosmetics and medicines. It is also used in dietary supplements for weight loss and hair loss.  This is a drought-resistant Aloe Vera plant that is succulent and needs bright sunlight. The fleshy and thick leaves grow in rosette form and contain sap. While this sap is used in medicines by humans, it allows the plant to survive in arid condition and withstand the drought.


While the sap works wonder on burns, skin irritation and acne-prone skin, aloe as a plant is poisonous. So, don’t let your pets feed on it and if you have kids at home, it is better to keep them in a hanging pot nearby kitchen window where your pets as well as kids can’t reach it.

Keep the soil evenly moist. Let the soil dry an inch down before watering it again. However, in winters, you don’t need to water it at all.  Aloe plant can withstand drought-like conditions but if you overwater it, it may not nurture and eventually will be dead.