Asparagus Fern Identification ( Asparagus densiflorus )

Asparagus Fern Identification Guide

Botanical Name: Asparagus densiflorus

Native Country: South Africa

Despite its suggestive name, Asparagus isn’t a true fern and instead, is a member of Liliaceae family.  Its needle-like leaves are the only thing that makes it look a lot like fern as well as a wonderful home accent especially if you choose to hang it in a basket. Its cascading leaves and long stem give it a very dainty look. The white-pale flowers look really gorgeous and often can be seen in summer. The flower season is rarely followed up by green berries like fruit that turn red as the winter approaches. However, please be careful as these berries are poisonous. The feathery foliage looks stunning in containers. In fact, you can always see fresh flower bouquets prepped up by the foliage of the Asparagus Fern plant. However, in gardens and optimum conditions, the plant can be invasive and spread rapidly, often eating up space and nutrients of other plants.


You need to maintain humidity if you want to see this houseplant flourish at your home. Dry air and soil can cause the plant to wilt and shed its leaves. Mist the leaves regularly to maintain the humidity level for the Asparagus Fern plant.