Decoding Flowers: (Must-read for Men out there!)*

*Okay, we tricked you into reading this! Because this buying guide on flowers is not just for men, instead, for everybody who wants to understand what gifting flowers is all about.  People for whom, flowers are no less than rocket science; you are at the right place! For, this blog can really help them to understand the little bundles of fragrance. Find useful information on where to get floral arrangement in cheaper rates and the perfect flowers for every occasion!

Suck it up.

Despite the fact that most of us follow the unsaid ‘written in stone’ rule of gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day, there is no right occasion for gifting flowers (I hate myself to break your heart here, but fact is fact, you see). You can gift flowers to your loved ones, your girlfriend or your wife, whenever you want to.

But I can still read that ‘WHEN’ written on your mind from miles away.

Follow Happy Times Rule

Believe it or not, there are happy times in life as like as Happy Hours in your favorite restro-bar. So, whenever you are happy enough to sit for a drink or two, it is flowers time too! And I am sure that your better-half would appreciate this gesture more. Gift your beloved ones flowers to appreciate their care, love, affection and the mere fact that they are by your side.

Whenever you Feel Sorry

When you are late, or have messed up terribly, it is time to give flowers.

flower-bouquetsJust Because…

Ahh… just because it is your one of the anniversaries when you met for the first time six years ago, you kissed or just because you want to create a parallel world, where you want her to believe that you are so hopelessly romantic (trust me, girls like this species a lot), it is flowers time!  In the event of a major argument or fall out, time your ‘just because’ bouquet with a personalized message after a day or two for a dramatic emo impact.

The Date Rule:

If you are meeting her for the first time, pick a bloom of mixed flowers (no roses, please!).Meeting her for the third date night in the row, aren’t you a lucky dude? Be a gentleman too and gift her flower bouquet made of carnations and daisies! She will definitely love the gesture. Though, you would want to stick to the rule of no roses before third date.

The BirthdayBumps:

If you are sticking to ‘just friends’ status, gift her cake. If she is a family, gift basket including flower bouquet, soft toy, cake and branded chocolates is a wonderful idea.

Mark the Anniversary:

This call for a special surprise! The perfect occasion for flowers, ain’t it?

The Valentine’s Day:

Well, it is so obvious ain’t it? Haven’t you been paying a fortune every year to your local florist already especially for this day?Well, don’t forget this occasion so that you don’t have to spend on ‘sorry’ bouquet too. If you want to buy flowers at cheapest prices, here is the trick. Just don’t let the secret out! ;)

Thank God!

Now you know ‘WHEN!’ Let’s move on the next phase!

flower boxWhat the Flowers!

We will go through colors and floral arrangement in this section because if the occasions for gifting flowers are too complicated for you, the colors and arrangement are going to be overwhelming!

Red roses signify love, white resembles the purity of your relation andpink is perfect to new beginning of your relationship! Purple is for hope and orange is to welcome joy in your life. For more detailed information on flower types and colors, head here.

The bright and colorful blooms can be organized in various types from bouquets to buds and potted plants. If she is travelling or doesn’t have time to maintain plants, don’t gift her potted plants. A mixed flower arrangement or gift basket is also the perfect gift for times when you are meeting her outside the home. You can also get an adorned vase with flowers.

If you aren’t confident of your presentation skills with flowers, trust the expert florists for the customized bouquets. Just give them an idea, and they will create the perfect arrangement of freshly-cut flowers.

Break the Monotony!

You don’t have to gift flowers in person always.  If you have been doing that, it becomes mundane for the recipient too. So, try sending the flowers on official address to make her day even brighter. If she has some special presentation and she seems to be nervous about it, a bouquet of purple orchids can literally cheer her up! If she is little uptight or her office has some strict guidelines about receiving gifts, you can also point the delivery address to the reception so that she can collect the bouquet from there. Don’t let the distance stop you from send flowers as you can always gift flowers online across the world.

Paint the Town Red!

It is your anniversary or you just want to surprise her, get expert florists to decorate the venue with flowers. Whether you want to make a mandap to reiterate your vows or need a tall standing floral arrangement, let them takeover to create a mesmerizing ambience with flowers.

flower boxesWhere to get Flowers From?

Thanks to the advanced technology, you don’t have to buy flowers from an overpriced brick-and-mortar store. You also don’t have to pay through your nose especially for half-wilted flowers when it’s Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve or Christmas!

Buy flowers online from the comforts of your home, from your mobile or laptop! Just log on to CityFlowers and get going! Book the perfect flowers for the perfect occasion without spending extra! Choose from the handpicked and carefully selected buds and blooms and get them delivered at your preferred address!

Here is hoping this flowers buying guide will help you out in those tricky situations!  Bookmark this, and anytime in fix over flowers, refer to it and buy flowers online at CityFlowers right away!