DIY Flower Vases to Accompany Your Blooms This Mother’s Day

No one loves you like your mother loves you, and that’s reason enough to want to give her the world. While you might wish you could afford jewelry and other expensive gifts, your bank account might dictate otherwise. Luckily, there are a million and one ways to show her you care, including a great number of DIY projects that will strike just the same chord as those more expensive gifts that often dominate the holiday. If all else fails, you absolutely can’t go wrong with flowers. Cook up one of these pretty vases to accompany them this Mother’s Day.


There are endless options when it comes to making a flower vase that captures your mom’s heart. You can easily create a gorgeous ombre vase with only a few supplies. Not only is this gift an inexpensive one, but it makes a gorgeous addition to any home during spring time, especially when paired with light pink peonies or other spring flower.Ombre vase

Glitter & Gold

If your mom is a glamorous one who adores all things glitter and gold, you can easily create a gift she’ll treasure forever. Use a spray-on glue to create a glamorous glitter vase. Choose a metallic shade like gold or silver, or opt for a pastel shade that’s perfectly fitting of spring. Create a set with smaller vases or choose one large vase that will make a statement in no time.glitter & gold

Cool Details

Take your DIY project for a modern spin by adorning a vase in any number of cool details. Studs, spikes and cool damask patterns are a fabulous way to add spice to even the most basic home décor. Pick up some damask stencils at your local craft store and use black paint against a white vase for a Mother’s Day present that will really stand out.

Polka Dots

An adorable polka dot vase is only a few steps away. Pick up a glass vase from your local craft or dollar store, then fill it the inside with white paint and swish around so it is completely coated. A bottle of nail polish or craft paint is all you need to create tiny dots throughout, creating an awesome option for an affordable and completely unique gift.polka dots vases

Chalkboard Vase

 Personalize your vase in a modern way by covering a glass vase in chalkboard painting. You can use tape to section off the spots where you want the chalkboard to lay, then create a special message using chalk. From “I love you” to a special quote, there are endless ways to show your mother just how much you care.chalk board message with vase

Picture Vase

Incorporate special photos into your DIY vase by printing out black and white pictures and pasting them to PVC pipe. Not only will your mother smile at the memory, but she’ll always have a sentimental way to display her favorite flowers.

Unconventional Materials

Look to unconventional materials to create a vase that’s one-of-a-kind and special. Objects like pennies, spoons and twigs can all be used to forge a masterpiece. Cut plastic spoons at the stem and glue side-by-side in layers to mimic an artichoke, or gather twigs of varying lengths and glue them around a cylinder vase for an instantly rustic piece that’s bound to stand out.

Wrap it Up

Creating a presentable vase doesn’t have to be complicated. Materials like rope, twine and yarn are extremely simple to use. Just wrap them around your vase in a neat manner and you’re all done, in a cinch.yarn-wrapped-vases-diy-tutorial

Once you’ve created a one-of-a-kind vase, fill it with your mother’s favorite fresh flowers and sit back as a mile-wide smile stretches across her face, but don’t stop there. Replace dying flowers on the regular to achieve a gift that keeps giving, all year long.