DIY: It is Time to Shine! Easy Breezy Flower Headband!

8035797186_4d6ac46f5b_zIt is just the beginning of festive season.  After the festival of light, come Christmas and amazing New Year Eve’s parties that you just cannot wait to be a part of.

With this, comes the eagerness and urge to look distinct, earn accolades and get compliments.  Well, ladies, here we are with this super-quick and easy DIY that will help you play the part and yet make you look special and unique. Also, wedding season is just around the corner, and these flower headbands make for a wonderful bachelorette party! For baby showers and girls’ night out, it is a fab idea that can be done within minutes and make you look fantastic.

You need:

  • Fresh Flowers

9281098368_ae2717601d_zPlease note that flowers and buds should be with stems (at least 2 inches) as you have to wrap them over with the help of wire and tape.  It is recommended that you cut off the excess stem for a proper arrangement.

Choose as many as flowers in varied sizes. From dahlias to daisies and from tulips to lilies, you have options galore!

Depending on your face cut, you can also choose larger blooms like gerbera and chrysanthemums or better, go for small buds such as freesia or wax flower to complete your day look.

  • A pair of Scissors
  • Floral Wire and Floral Tape

Easily available at online store or crafts shop

  • Green leaves(Optional)


Step 1:

8201399148_9b3f2a2e63_bRoll the wire on your head in circular shape. The length of wire usually depends on how you want to flaunt your floral headband, as a side hair pin like or as a crown. The wire needs to be in circular shape and you can take as much as length you feel comfortable with.

Step 2:

7388760410_4810bb4b2a_zWrap the loose ends with floral tape.

If you want to make a one-size-fits-all headband, take a standard circular wire. Instead of taping the wire, you can twist and tighten it on the ends to ensure a proper fit.

Step 3:

9278314243_19ef66dd88_zTake flowers one-by-one, in the order you want and tape them to the wire from the stem.  Make sure there is no odd space left between as you tape the flowers. Similarly, have leaves taped to the wire too as and when they fit in the design.

Use as much as tape as you want to affix flowers and leaves to the wire but do it nicely and neatly.

Whether you want a full crown or a side crown, flower headbands can be made in a jiffy and are able to give any day event and a simple outfit the much-needed oomph and glamor.