What your Favorite Type of Flower Says About You?

floral artPlants too have life and flowers do express. They have their unique way of pointing out to your personality traits! Yes, the language of flowers as it is called by the florists isn’t Hebrew to understand! A simple way to explain would include the example of any house decorated with white or lavender flowers and one with red and yellow ones! They can hint at the characteristics of the owner as well! White or light colors express a serene environment, a peace loving owner, while the one with bright colorful flowers expresses the wilder or jovial side of the resident!wife_in_mood

What is your favorite flower??

Flowers are pretty, colorful, ornamental, exotic, wild, edible and relaxing! There are many more such adjectives that can be used with flowers to express how you feel about them! You may have one or many among the slew as your favorite flower! It is not only the color or the fragrance but also the moments you have spent with them that help you determine your favorite one! Aren’t the flowers given to you by your special friend on your sixteenth birthday special??favourite flower

How you liking expresses your mood??

 If you are someone who has a fondness for lavender, lilacs, or roses, it is likely that you are a romantic soul! These light hued flowers provide peace around you, making you feel relaxed and romantic. Bright colored flowers points out the wilder and naughtier side of you! Strong liking for tulips, gerbera, chrysanthemum, daffodils or asters indicate you are in a mood to party and are looking for proper excuses to let your hair down!flower love

What can floriography or the ‘language of flowers’ say about you??

On a general basis, there are some scientific observations that explain the relation between your favorite flower and you! Surprised? Well, don’t be!

A soft person with a tougher outside shares their love for lilies. Lilies denote a strong personality and people are often known to wedding7follow their way! Though they are dominating and authoritative, there is a very caring and nurturing heart that prevails, carefully enclosed deep inside!

Carnations are pretty little flowers, whose petals stay close together making the flower look full. People with love for carnations love togetherness, family and are very down to earth. For them, people close to them are special and they would do their bit to keep peace in the relationships.

Irises are flowers that do not typically look like a flower. Its petals are somewhat fused to each other, one of them protruding while the other stand tall complementing its unusual appearance. People in love with irises are creative. They love to see things in various perspectives and love to imagine. They make good story tellers and appreciate thought processes that are something different from the conventions! They are also known to be full of emotions yet can see through the practical side of it!

Roses are known worldwide for their fragrance and have been the symbol of undying love since its conception! Red roses epitomize the true feelings of a person to his or her beloved! People who love roses are soft people and are usually dreamers! They love being pampered and crave attention at times. Roses also symbolize purity and elegance.