Five Things You Should Never Do with Floral Jewelry

Floral jewelry is in the vogue. Be it traditional wedding or a new-age way of celebrations, floral jewelry rules the roost! This is an alternative, cheaper yet oh-so-gorgeous way to revel in the attention and look ethereal. Men and women both love to deck up in flowers for their special occasions and make the moments even more beautiful as well as adorable. However, not every person out there is aware of the certain things that they should follow to make the most of their floral jewelry and never go wrong with it!

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DIY is an interesting prospect if you are doing it for a casual get together with your friends and when you have plenty of time on your hands. However, when you are the bride-to-be or you are the first relative, you have several loose ends that need to be tied up before you proceed with the luxury of having time to do DIY. You have wedding invitations, wedding flower décor and wedding favors to be arranged and DIY flower jewelry for bride and bridesmaids can be simply exhausting and excruciating. At such times, always trust the experts so that you can look your best on the D-Day and not dull and tired after staying awake for the whole night preparing the flower jewelry for mehndi.

Making it a Last-Minute Decision


Crafting flower jewelry isn’t easy. Even creating a basic set can take up to two days. Moreover, if it is bridal flower jewelry, you would want the flowers to go with your attire and overall theme. The procurement of exotic flowers can take up to three days and of course, you wouldn’t want the florist to choose shelf flowers for you as they can wilt in a few hours. So, it is important that once you have asked the guests to save the date, you start zeroing on floral jewelry designer too! You won’t even have to settle for last-minute prices or whatever-they-offer-you, either!

Not Sharing Information with your Floral Designer


Regardless of how unimportant it might seem to share information with your designer such as whether it is a daytime wedding or not, the number of guests and venue, this can play an important role in deciding the lifespan as well as the appearance of the jewelry throughout the day. If you are planning to fix a venue far from the city, look for online florist nearby so that flower jewelry stays extra fresh. Moreover, you should have proper arrangement of refrigeration to keep it fresh and hydrated. The number of guests can help the florist to decide on a budget and number of flowers he might need for the jewelry. Your floral jewelry has to be unique and different; this is where the color of your outfit enters in the big picture.

You don’t have to take what’s on the offer. It is your big day and you have all the reasons to decide what you should wear! You don’t need a flower bracelet if you are going for flower jewelry on the mehndi ceremony. If you are planning to leave your hair loose, you don’t need earrings. Instead, a floral headband or crown is what you need to pep your look! Take this up with your floral designer and get your floral jewelry made-to-order and customize it in accordance with the look of the day and costume!

Not Setting your Budget


Floral jewelry is inexpensive yet classy. However, you should discuss this upfront with your florist and designer about the procurement of flowers, the floral jewelry sets you might need and any question that comes in your mind. Depending on the number of sets, the range of floral jewelry can be anywhere between Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 10,500 or more.

These ‘Not-Do-These’ pointers can help you save both money and time effectively especially when these are the only things that matters a lot at an event like wedding or baby shower. Follow these and you can never go wrong with flower jewelry! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us here.