Florist Or Supermarket - Which Flowers Are A Better Buy

retail flowersGet quality and fresh flowers for any occasion in flower store

Flowers are the best messengers that convey the feelings of our heart. No rituals in India are celebrated without flowers. They have the ability to change the mood of the person pleasantly. They create wonderful ambience and spread good fragrance in and around your surroundings. It is a perfect and a brilliant way to convey the wishes to your loved ones on their special moment. These are used as decorative piece in homes.flower market in India

But people are left in a dilemma about where to purchase high quality flowers that last for longer duration, whether it is in the supermarket or near florists. However, both these people sell cut flowers and arrange them in a proper manner. These people import the flowers that are grown in specific condition and have undergone treatments by the expertise floriculturists.

Supermarket flowers

Earlier people use to wrap the flowers that are ruined and fresh in plastic papers. But later, they came to know about the profits that they can reap out of this flower gardening. Today, most of the supermarkets have their respective house floral designer. These people tastefully arrange different color flowers and giving a brighter appearance to the bouquet. They sell high quality and fresh flowers, but lacks in selection and variety of flowers to be used in the bouquets. These people will not give any advices to the customers in purchasing a bouquet for an occasion. They do not have good knowledge in horticulture industry. This is the best place to purchase the flowers for the people who have knowledge about the flowers that better suits their home and occasions.wholesale flowers


Florist owns a place where you can get different variety of flowers that are cultivated globally. They display the flowers in an organized and appealing manner in a large plate glass equipped with a window. These people even display different type of flower bouquets and baskets on the streets for easy view to the customers. Generally they keep the flowers in water and in cool places in containers and vases to keep them fresh for a longer period.

Generally, you can enhance the beauty of the bouquet, basket or vase when they are arranged in a proper manner. There are many expertise and professional florists available across the globe that uses their innovative and creative skills in flower arrangement to add beauty and charm to the bouquet. They gather different types of flowers to grab the attention of the customers so that they can get good orders. They use different varieties of flowers such as tulips, sunflowers, marigold, daisies, roses, lilies, orchids, grasses and other foliage to prepare a gorgeous and lovely bouquet. They use their powerful weapons such as color papers, silk ribbons, cellophane papers, etc. to make the bouquet look more interesting and eye-catching.flower fresh cut

There are many online flower stores across the globe that are preparing and selling different type of bouquet for all occasions. You can select the best one as per your requirements from thousands of showcased pieces as per your budget to gift your folks and relatives. You can even send the bouquet to your friends or relatives who are far away from you and make their day memorable and long lasting. These people ship the bouquet to the doorsteps within the specified time and to the desired location safely. The flowers delivered from these online stores remains fresh for longer duration.

Difference between flower store and supermarkets

Flower store:

  • Flowers purchased from the flower store remains fresh for a longer period since, the expertise and professional florists are trained on how to process the flowers such as treating the cut flower with flower food, keeping them in cool places, changing the water regularly, etc. after receiving the flowers to their stores.
  • The flowers purchased from florists are very expensive compared to supermarkets. However, the quality and arrangement of flowers will be perfect.
  • You can get a wide variety of flowers in this place. These people consider your requirements and arrange the quality flowers for weddings, funerals, engagements, etc. in a stunning manner
  • Florists are expertise and professional in arranging the flowers than supermarket employees. These people can give valuable advices on the type of flowers you can send for that particular occasion. You can also get special tips on how to care flowers and keep them stay longer.
  • Florists only sell flowers in their store. As these people are specialized in flowers so they can sell high quality and fresh flowers to the peoplewedding-decoration-garden-with-flower-themes


Supermarket flowers will not stay fresh for a longer period of time since, they are not given proper treatment to remain fresh with good aroma. These people place the flowers near rotten fruits and vegetables, thus results in wilting of flowers

Bouquets sold by these people are available at a cheaper rate compared to the florist. Generally it costs one fourth rate to that of florists

There do not have a wide variety of flowers, since the flower department in the supermarket is very small compared to the flower store. These people cannot be able to take up big orders such as wedding, birthdays, etc.