Flower Decoration Ideas: Easy Floral DIYs for your Home

Nothing can beat the charm and satisfaction of a DIY project!  Since summer has arrived officially, let’s take some of the winter gloom and dullness away with these cuteness- overloaded and super-quick floral DIYs.

Flowers in a String:flowers of spring

Take six glass bottles of the same size and put a single bud stem or two in each of them. Tie a beautiful ribbon on the neck of each bottle. It is one awesome and super-easy flower vase DIY that will surely enhance the look of your dining space or living room.  If you can’t find bottles of same size, you can switch to another DIY where you need to glue the twine or jute, starting from the bottom. You can also hang bottles by neck with the help of jute rope, with little flower buds in them.

 Flowers in a colander:flowers graden spring

You can use cans, tins and old teapots, whatever you could think of as long as you can figure out a way to drain water. Poke a hole or two with the help of drill machine and you are good to go! If you are using colander to plant flowers, you may need to put landscape fabric before you put soil. The landscape fabric will prevent soil from washing out when you water the plant. You can hang containers with ‘S’ hook or jute twine.

Flowers Dried and Lit!

flowers DIYHave dried flowers or flowers without stems handy? Take a clay pot filled with water and put flowers and floating candles in it. You can also add essential oil for a more fragrant effect. This DIY will give your home a spa appeal and transform your abode into a Zen home within minutes. Keep the lights off, or just let the center light turned on to create a dramatic effect.

If this DIY is too easy for your skills, you can also go for flower candles, which are basically impressions of dried petals on candles. Take dried flowers off the ground and keep them inside a book or between the mattresses to flatten them. Keep checking on them while they are taking their time to dry, as their might be some flowers which won’t be flattened easily and hence, not suitable for this project.

Now, heat the rear part of the spoon on a gas stove or candle and press the petal on to the candle where you want to apply it.  You can also flatten leaves on the candle with the help of a hot spoon.  Burning of the some part of flowers and leaves is inevitable with the heat but even that comes out naturally and looks beautiful.  Just remember to not to blister heat the spoon. It should be warm enough to press the petal on to the surface and melt some of the wax as it lets the petal embossed on the candle.

Flowers Seed Favors!flower flavour

Move over boxed items and gift hampers.  It is time to re purpose your idea of return gifts. Gift these beautiful gift bags filled with flower seeds or potpourri. Add a personal touch with a handwritten message.

Flower in a String: Revisited:

flower arrangementSince ages, Indians have been looping marigolds in a thread and tying the garland on the main entrance. It is believed to bring luck and prosperity to the home owner.  The best part is that it is super easy to make. All you need is one strong thread, and a needle. Take marigold flower or any other flower of your choice and pierce it from the flower base through the needle. Keep pushing the flowers down on the thread. You can also make an interesting pattern by adding leaves or some other flowers to the garland. You can also add pine cones and small berries to bring the holiday flavor.  When the circle is complete, you can tie the garland to the main door or staircase. Enjoy the fresh scent!  You don’t even need to take the garland off when it isn’t at the blooming best because the flowers will still retain unique vintage effect.