What does the month of November bring with it? Some nippiness in the air, a festive rush and a promise to make way for some fab winter days ahead!Now that we are talking about November, do you know the official birth flower of this awesome month? It is Chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemums, also known as ‘mums’, are one of the prettiest varieties of perennials that start blooming early in the fall. In fact, these can rightly be called the showstoppers of any fall garden as they bloom prolifically well even when the other flowers tend to call their quits for the season. The name of this flower ‘Chrysanthemum’ is derived from the combination of two Greek words, ‘Chrys’ and ‘anthemon’. While ‘Chrys’ means ‘golden (the flower’s original colour)’, ‘anthemon’ means ‘flower’.

A whole lot of varieties of Chrysanthemums could be found with variations in their colour, spread, height, bloom time etc. The most common types are Single Mums that have long, daisy-like petals; Anemone Mums that are cushion shaped with the centre of the flower covered by short petals of darker colour as compared to that of the rest of the flower; Spider Mums that have curved ends and long tube shaped petals; The long and straight Quill Mums that have tube shaped petals; The flat Spoon Mums consisting rows of spoon shaped petals; The large Decorative Mums with several rows of petals some of which often curl towards the centre; Pompon or Button Mums that have small and firm globe of tight petals.


The Chrysanthemum flowers have a wealth of meaning associated with them. While most of all these flowers convey the qualities of optimism and joy, these also symbolize fidelity and long life. Depending on their colours, white mums symbolize loyal love and truth; red ones symbolize sheer love while the yellow mums refer to a wounded heart and hence symbolize slighted love. In China, Mums are symbolic of stateliness and hence are a popular topic of many of the country’s poets. In Chicago Chrysanthemums are the official flowers of the city.


Besides the traditional Golden colour, Mums are found in a variety of vibrant hues that include varying shades of red, white,yellow, mauve, orange, pink and purple with some Chrysanthemum blooms displaying multiple colours.


  • In several parts of Asia, tea made out of Chrysanthemum is quite popular. It is said to reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, clear the liver, relax the nervous system and slow aging. Quite some benefits!
  • The leaves of this flower are steamed and boiled to be eaten in China while in Korea the flower is added to a wine known as ‘Gukhwaju’ for flavouring.
  • Ancient Chinese believed in the long term benefits of Chrysanthemum tea relating to weight and blood.
  • Japanese are said to have found this flower so beautiful that they actually included it on the Imperial Crest of their country. In fact, such is the influence of the flower over Japan that till date a number of Japanese cities celebrate this flower by holding its annual exhibitions that are quite spectacular.
  • As per a study by NASA, Mums, as an indoor houseplant, can help remove toxins from the air.

Chrysanthemums are truly one of the most popular flowers only second to the magnificent roses. So, now you know that none of the November birthday of any of your loved one would be complete without you sending out a nice chrysanthemum bouquet to them. Besides being the birth month flower of November, these are also the traditional flowers to be given on Mother’s Day. Not only this but these flowers also hold the honour of being the official flower of the 13th wedding anniversaries.