Flower Power Therapy, Relaxation, Stress Free Flowers, Energy Booster Flower

aroma_therapy-resized-600Did you know that flowers and gorgeous blooms can act as a kind of therapy for the soul? Well they most certainly can and you’ll be amazed at the benefits you’ll get out receiving a gift of flowers or even buy some for yourself if you’re feeling a bit blue or need a bit of an energy boost. But how do we know this?

When people receive flowers, they actually experience a real mood boost that lasts for days. Researchers from Rutgers University did quite an in-depth study of gorgeous blooms and their effects on people. Also Chinese healers have believed in the ‘flower power’ for centuries and how they can have a lasting effect on people.

So we know that flowers have powers, and can bring you peace and happiness and elicit all sorts of different emotions…good ones at that. Apparently you can bring those gorgeous blooms into your home to summon up whatever feelings or emotions that you want; need a bit of energy, or lacking some confidence, well the mighty flower can do that for you, and way more. But the secret lies in the colour of the flowers. Amazingly each colour produces a different frequency of light waves, which travels through your retinas and down the optic nerve. Yes, it really is true! This sets off an amazing chain reaction of responses from your body. That’s pretty powerful indeed. Neurotransmitters are released, stimulating the production of calming hormones like melatonin, stimulating hormones like adrenaline, and mood-boosting hormones like serotonin.

flower-therapySo, what flowers to choose for different emotions? Here we’ll give you a list of flowers that pack a real punch for different emotions in your body.

Enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of flowers!

Give yourself a boost in energy with red roses

How in the world do red roses give you that boost in energy? Well, they have the slowest vibratory rate and the longest wavelengths. This in turn stimulates those adrenal glands which give you that much needed energy boost! Red roses it is then for some super awesome energy.

bridal bouquet guideIrises for a boost in confidence

Would you have ever thought that a flower can give you a boost in confidence? Well they most certainly can and the iris is the flower to do the job. The colour indigo stimulates the brain's pineal gland, which regulates your sleep patterns, giving you that good night’s sleep that everyone needs. Indigo also frees you mind of worries, fear and self-consciousness. Self-confidence sorted, boost in confidence on the way!

Be alert with sunflowers

Feeling a bit run down and yawning all day, not feeling quite with it, then bring on the sunflowers. Yellow light waves stimulate the brain, making you feel alert, clearheaded and decisive. How powerful is that? We also associate yellow with the sun and daylight, which helps you feel happier and more positive.

Sleep glorious sleep with bluebells
Gorgeous bluebells will bring on that sleep. Blue activates the production of melatonin, a brain chemical which helps you to relax and ensure that you get a good night’s rest and go into deep sleep. Blue also fuels up the thyroid gland to release thyroxin, a hormone that regulates your metabolic rate.

Zinnias for complete relaxation

Needs to relax, then zinnias are just the flower power therapy you need. Green affects the nervous system, which helps you to breathe slowly and deeply, which reduces those stress hormones creeping into your life. They also help your heart to relax. Take a seat next to your zinnias and see the relaxation flow.

Allergies? Orange daisies are just for you
The colour orangeactually boosts you immune system and lungs too. This can keep those spring allergies at bay. Orange is also great for the digestive system.

Lilacs to reduce your stress levels

Violet ‘cools’ you down which will take away things like heat rash and sunburn. It also suppresses hunger and keeps your metabolism balanced. But that’s not all; it kicks your pituitary gland into action, which stimulates a part of the brain that releases tension-fighting beta-endorphins.Pink_Oriental_Lilies

So, bring those blooms into your home and experience some flower power therapy.