Flowers in August Season - 7 Indian Blooms

Seasonal Flowers in August

August is the month of rains in India. While most of you plan your trips based on the downpour, the life expectancy and survival of the flowers are also based on the rains they are going to receive. Here, we have some favorite flowers in the month of August. The rainy season flowers can be seen in gardens, ponds or adorning a vase in the month of August. Read on to know about a range of August flowers that colourfully rich and diversified terrain of India hosts, bringing delight and visual pleasure to our senses.

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List of flowers in August Season in India

Hibiscushibiscus flower in August

You can see hibiscus flowers blooming throughout the year, however, it is the month of August that works favourably for their growth.

Lotuslotus flower in August in india

One of the most exotic July-August flowers, lotus has been the symbol of spiritual enlightenment. Available in pink and white colour, theflowers have a subtle fragrance that calms you down. It represents prosperity, holistic well-being and spiritual evolution, which has transcended all barriers.

Water Lilieswater lily flower in August in India

Water lilies are often confused with lotus. They also happen to be aquatic perennials that can fill your garden and living space with a sweet aroma.

GulmoharGulmohar flower in August

Gulmohar flowers bloom only when they get continuous rainfall. The flowers have a sweet yet noticable fragrance and are small in size. The colourful blooms look gorgeous juxtaposed against green foliage.

CarnationCarnation Flower in August

Carnations are slowly replacing roses in the world of flowers. Since they are available in a range of colours, the flowers are the ideal choice for mixed flower bouquets and vase arrangements. It is also believed to be associated with Mother Mary.

ChrysanthemumsChrysanthemum flowers in August

The ‘pompom’ flowers are used mainly as bedding and landscaping flowers. If you want to bring a shine of brilliant colours to your garden or living space, go for chrysanthemums! Express a myriad of human emotions with a range of chrysanthemum colours!

JasmineJasmine flowers in August in India

Like marigold, jasmine is a flower that Indian landscape needs no introduction to! Used in venis, gajras and to make garlands for Gods, jasmine is a rainy season flower that is also called ‘gandhraja’ because of its sweet yet strong scent. These white colour flowers are small and tiny yet can withstand the hot and humid weather quite miraculously.  This small flower has therapeutic benefits as well. Jasmine tea can help in insomnia and anxiety-related disorders. Jasmine oil is also known as the well-known secret behind the long and thick braids of women in South India.