Flowers in July Season - 8 Indian Blooms

July Season Flowers

The monsoon flowers in India are now available at City Flowers. As you might know already, summer brings the best of flowers! Thanks to the beautiful and vibrant sunshine colours, the variety of shapes and sizes, the flowers in July make the ambience lush and colourful. Here we have some favourite flowers in July season in India.

It is true that you need to provide extra care and maintenance to the fresh flower bouquets made of summer flowers but the colour and fragrance they impart to your day and décor is all worth it!  Fascinating isn’t it? Read on to know more about the most popular summer flowers in India!

List of Flowers in July in India

MarigoldJuly Seasonal Flowers Marigold

Add colour and soothing fragrance to your home with marigold flowers! The flowers are readily available and are used mainly for wedding decor and religious ceremonies. Available in a range of colours, yellow, red-brown-yellow and orange, these flowers are also used as an insect repellent. The pigment extracted from the flowers is also used as food colouring agent.

Lotuslotus flower in july in india

Besides being associated with spiritual evolution, Goddess Laxmi, and Lord Vishnu, a lotus flower is also the national flower of India. It is available in surreal pink and white colour and looks extremely gorgeous. The petals of the flower open fully in the dawn and by evening, the petals start closing slowly.

RosesRoses in july

Roses add glamour, beauty, and class to your home! Send roses online to your loved ones to take your love and expression to a completely another level!The red roses are the preferred choice on Valentine’s Day to echo one’s love and feelings. A bunch of white and red roses stands for pure love and commitment. The flowers also have a therapeutic effect and can be used to manage digestive issues, skin breakout, and irritation in eyes.

SunflowersSunflowers in July

Primarily known for their commercial benefits such as sunflower seed oil and medicinal effect, sunflowers are a delight that you could see blooming and repositioning to face the sun. In the world of flowers, a sunflower represents hope, undying loyalty, optimism, and faith.

Hibiscushibiscus flower in July

These full-bodied flowers are available in a rainbow of colours and bring brilliance to the summer landscape.

Musk RoseMusk Rose in July

Capable to light up the murkier of days and moods, these flowers grow in clusters. These medium-sized flowers have a pleasant fragrance and have various colours, ranging from dark red, purple-brown and dark red and off-white.

LiliesLilies in July

Lilies are dainty and it is their exquisite presence and availability in a variety of colours that make them a favorite of gardeners, flower enthusiasts and florists. Its hardiness towards weather and sun is a bonus!  Besides, there isn’t a human emotion that you can’t portray with a bunch of lilies!

PetuniasPetunias flower in July

Petunia flowers come in a myriad of options such as white, yellow, red, pink and purple. While the flowers are the perfect choice for planters and hanging baskets, they work wonders as a gift too. If you want to add some cheer, colour and joy to your loved one’s day, petunias are your go-to option!

You can send some warmth and your wishes to the way of your loved ones with flowers of July in India! These summer flowers are available in fresh flower bouquets, wedding floral décor and floral arrangements at City Flowers.