Flowers That Can Grow IN Pebbles

nature flowers stones plants crocus pebblesWhat all do you think you need in order to grow pretty bright flowers? A lush green space, preferably a garden! Wrong! You do not need a green thumb to bring in the cheerfulness of beautiful blooms in your home or garden. Surprised, are you? Well don’t be as even pebbles can provide an excellent growing medium for few of the flowers. Curious? This is because there are many plants that have evolved with adaptations, which allow them to thrive in pebbly or rocky soils. We have zeroed down on few such flowers for you that you can grow even in pebbles.

bulb plantsBULB PLANTS

Did you know that almost any spring bulb flower can be easily grown well in pebbles? Yes, you read it right. Bulb plants can be easily grown indoors in pebbles. These may include Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth, Crocus, Paperwhites etc. All you need to do is bring in a glass container filled with pebbles. Just place your bulb plant, tapered end up, on top; fill your vase with enough water to reach the bottom of the bulb; cover the container with a paper bag and wait for magic! Well, not really! Basically, the roots of your plant will develop into the pebbles and water, and thus the plant will bloom. Sounds like a dream no?


Orchids are mostly gown in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad in India. Orchids are often considered difficult to grow flowers and are even known as notoriously fussy. It is therefore interesting to know that these flowers, by and large, are extremely adaptable as certain types of Orchids will even grow in pebbles. Known by the name Lithophytes, these Orchids grow naturally in rocks. These have fleshy leaves that store water and roots that burrow into rock crevices absorbing nutrients from organic debris and moss, thus blooming fully. Even Epiphytes like Moth Orchids can easily grow in pebbles as these absorb nutrients from the air as well as organic debris left by dead plant matter and birds. So how about gifting someone their own ‘easy-to-grow’ Orchid plant rather than just gifting them Orchid flowers that will eventually dry up and die?

stone-pebble-garden-paths-landscaping-ideas-5GARDEN AND YARD FLOWERS

This may come as a surprise to you but a lot of common garden flowers too can be easily grown in pebbles. These include Candy tuft, Sweet Annie, Dwarf Zinnias, Dianthus, Verbena, Creeping Phlox and Coreopsis. Most of these flowers are known for their colourful foliage and when these grow inpebbles, these bring about an artful element to your garden or yard as the pebbles add a natural texture to the whole look of these flowers. You just need to pick a suitable location for these flowers while planting them in pebbles as pebbles tend to get much hotter when in the sun than soil.

It is true thatpebbles of various shapes and sizes can provide interesting contrast to any garden or house. These lend a certain charm and enhance the natural beauty of the blooms. While the texture of these stones may appeal to the eye, along with the cheerful bright colours of the flowers these create natural elegance. Go all pebbly pebbles! Design attractive gardens with beds of pebbles and bright coloured flowers or simply place a vase full of pebbles in your house to grow some of the prettiest blooms.