flowers-meaning-friendshipBe it any occasion, flowers are certainly one of the most sought after gifts. Fresh as well as beautiful, you really can never go wrong with flowers as a perfect gift option. With friendship’s day around, what better way to tell your friends that they are special than by gifting them some pretty flowers!

friendship-flowersIt is a well-known fact that ‘Yellow roses’ have been recognized as the official flowers for friendship day worldwide! However, with changing times a host of other flowers are also being associated to friendship. It is interesting to note that each one of these comes with a special meaning and a unique message for a special friend.

Besides yellow roses that signify friendship, pink roses are the flowers of joy and grace. These can make for an ideal gift for a graceful friend who has brought a lot of joy in your life. For a friend from childhood, the white rose will be the perfect choice as it is a flower that defines childhood and the times past that, which you must have enjoyed while growing up with your friend.

Zinnias_friendshipFor those friends who live far away, Zinnia is the flower to be gifted as it is the friendship flower of absence, and is a way of telling your friends that no matter what the distance is, you still consider them special and value them.

Forget me not are flowers for memories. These can make for a great gift for those friends with whom you share a lot of special memories. Then there are Daisies, the flowers that say ‘I will never tell’. These are the ideal sentiment for a friend whose deepest secrets you are harbouring.

Spring-Hyacinth-PlanterWe all have those friends with whom we enjoyed/enjoy playing a lot of games or sports. For such friends Hyacinth is the flower to be gifted as it is a flower associated with sports and games.

Similarly, yellow lilies are flowers for those friends who you want to thank for everything that they have ever done for you; Iris is the flower for those friends whose friendship means a lot to you; Chrysanthemums are flowers for friends who are simply great according to you and Camellia flowers are for those friends whom you consider perfect in every way and admire a lot!

Chrysanthemums-bouquetFlowers tend to spread a lot of joy and happiness around, and these sure make for an effective and efficient gift to recognize any occasion. These have always symbolized friendship and its many colours. Yellow for joy, red for romance, green for vitality and blue for loyalty, these different hues merge effortlessly into the feelings of friendship.

This friendship’s day, you can either gift flowers by following the meaning of each one of them or you can simply gift blooms to your friends as per their favourite colours.So what are you waiting for? Go on and make your special friends feel all the more special this friendship’s day by saying it with flowers. Happy Friendship’s Day!