Here’s How to Find the Perfect Floral Jewellery for you!

Perfect Floral Jewellery Outfit for you

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Flowers have the magic to turn your world upside down. When you aren’t exactly feeling up to the mark, flowers perk up your mood. Flowers cheer up your decor and let you express your feelings. When words fail you, flowers come to rescue and say it all. Besides the rejuvenating impact on your psyche, flowers also take your style to the next dimension. The flowers give your wardrobe a dash of refreshing vibe too. During weddings and special occasions, when you would want to take a road less travelled, floral jewellery is the perfect pick.

From time to time, our leading B-town ladies have adorned themselves with flowers on and off screen. Though, it was just a matter of time that the trend caught eyes of stylists and fashion enthusiasts. 

When you are a bride to be or a bridesmaid, you want to look resplendent and distinctive with bridal floral jewelry. While your ensemble in the form of a Kanjivaram or an art silk saree with floral print is all set, are you okay repeating the old gold jewellery set? Don’t you want to look distinctive and a class apart?

Adorning flowers isn’t new. From South African tribes to Kalidas’ Shakuntala and from Hollywood celebrities to our very own Kangana Ranaut and Bipasha Basu, flowers have been a part of their fashion statement and lifestyle. While the tribals have been using it to shield them from direct sunlight and keep them close to Mother Nature, our fashion icons have utilised their power to help them stand out in the crowd of over the top glam and glitz. floral jewellery

Apart from things which you should never do with floral jewellery, However, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to before sporting flower jewelry. Here’s your checklist.

Your outfit

Flower jewellery isn’t one for all. The pattern changes depending on what you are wearing. If you are wearing a backless saree, you can sport two floral necklaces and gajra. You can also wear dangling flower earrings. If you are wearing a mandarin blouse with your Kanjivaram saree at Bharatsthali or a heavily ornate one, it is better to do away with the necklace and keep it simple. Steer clear of floral prints if you plan to buy flower jewellery. 

Duration of the event

To adorn timeless classics such as flowers, you need to keep the time of the event in mind. Real flowers don’t stay for long after being plucked. With the sweat and heat, the age of flowers is considerably reduced. So, if you are buying floral jewellery for a ladies sangeet or mehndi ceremony, it is better to stick to dry flowers. The artificial flower jewelry is durable and versatile. You can wear it with several outfits as it is styled with lace, zari, crystal and stones.

The time of the event floral jewellery

Flower jewellery should always be worn at daytime events. The sunshine seems to work in its favour by highlighting the balanced look. Since night events give you a scope to flaunt over the top makeup and bright fashion statements, floral jewellery can make you feel little out of place and a bit underdressed too.

Flower fashion jewelry is here to stay. With the right outfit and keeping some basic tips in mind, you can create a refreshing and breezy wedding look for yourself.