It is needless to mention that flowers are forever and the ways they can be incorporated in our day to day life are endless. You buy fresh flowers for your home just like that, they make for a perfect gifting option, whether it is a wedding or some other auspicious occasion you do need fresh flowers to enliven the aura, so much so that now these beauties also make for great fashion accessories that can be used to enhance one’s beauty. Well, if you thought that is about it, let us introduce you to another interesting way in which fresh flowers can be used. You must have seen umpteen cakes with flowers decorated on top of them. These flowers are obviously fashioned from sugar, flour, cream etc. What if we told you that even fresh flowers can be employed in a number of ways in cake decoration too!?

Yes you read it all correct! From delicately garnishing your cakes with fresh flowers to going all out and topping your cakes with these beauties, we are going to guide you through the basics of cake decorating using fresh with cake decoration

Not all the flowers are appropriate for cake decoration

It is important to understand that you just can’t use every or any fresh flower to decorate your cake. There are some flowers that are naturally toxic for consumption while there are a few others that are harmful because of the use of the pesticides. It is extremely important to do proper research on the flower that you want to use for your cake. You can also consult a good florist on the same for he may be able to advise you better than anybody else on this subject. Just so you know, any flower that is sold as an edible garnish can be a perfect choice for fresh flowers on a cake. Few of the options include roses, violets, pansies, dandelions etc. However, it is not a requirement that you can only put edible flowers on your cake for decoration. There are certain non-edible flowers that can be used for this purpose but you need to make sure that you remove all the non-edible flowers and their foliage before serving your cake which can be quite a hassle for chances of a cake-hungry guest consuming a portion of your cake ‘accidentally’ are quite high. So to be on a safer side, its highly advisable to stick to the edible flowers.

Beside this factor, you also need to consider the durability of the flower you want to use on your cake. While delicate flowers tend to wilt in the presence of moist buttercream, some flowers may not fare well on a cake which is displayed in a setting where the party is happening under the sun out in the open. So do make sure to consider the staying properties of the flowers you want to use and also how the cake you want to use them on is going to be served.cake with flowers


Ways in which you can use fresh flowers

Here are a few inspiring ideas on how you can use fresh flowers to create beautiful cakes.

Arrange them Artfully

You can straightaway use fresh flowers right on top of your cake. Just make sure you clean the flowers properly and dry them post placing them on your cake. Either you can try to create a delicate arrangement on top of your cake or you can create a thin divider so as to keep the petals of the flowers from sinking into the cake. If you are looking at adding a generous amount of flowers to your cake, use flower holders that can hold the flowers on your cake and keep them from wicking humidity to the cake.cake decoration with flowers


Simply use the petals

If you want to use fresh flowers on your cake and need zero to minimum fuss, this is just the way you want to do it in. All you need to do is use just the petals of any edible flower that is visually striking. Not only will the petals elaborate the decoration, these can also be used to accent the design of the serving tray by smattering a few petals on & cake

Create cake dividers

Yet another great way of employing fresh flowers in your cake decoration would be using them as a creative cake divider. You can use non-edible, non-toxic flowers too in this sort of arrangement. Put flowers between the levels of cake while keeping the cake and flowers from touching too much. The best part here would be that the flowers can hide the dividers rendering your cake a gravity-defying look. Indeed a striking way to display flowers on your cake!cakes decoration with flowers


Just an accent

This can be another hassle-free yet artful way of displaying fresh flowers on your cake. Simply punctuate the borders of your cake either by affixing flowers to the edges or using them to line the edges of a multi-tiered cake. This way you can easily serve your cake with minimal flower arrangements to remove.cakes n flowers

Whether you are decorating a cake for a birthday or for a fancy wedding, fresh flowers can really add a vibrant quality to any cake by rendering a look that is sure to offer a rather striking appearance. Happy cake decorating!