How to Kiss And Make Up With Flowers ?

Be it with your friends or with the one you love, fighting is good. This doesn’t mean you should be fighting all the time. Of course not! However, having mild arguments with your loved ones, once in a while is okay! All you need to take care of is that no fight should be that big so that it can’t be resolved. If you recently had a fight with your best friend or you got into a heated argument with your lover, now is the time to apologise! It is ‘National Kiss and Make Up Day’ and on this day, there is no better way to say sorry than with flowers. Here’s how:

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Who doesn’t love roses? They smell awesome, look mesmerising and certainly are the most universally liked flowers. It is needless to mention that Roses, irrespective of their different colours, represent love of all kinds. While bright yellow roses reflect friendship and can make for a great way to apologise to a friend, red roses are what you need to pacify a really angry lover or spouse. White colour signifies peace and so do white roses. Give them to your mother, sibling or any other person whom you might have upset with your harsh words and the world will be a happy place again for all of you!

tupils flower

Did you know that white Tulips represent forgiveness? This fact makes them the perfect flowers to pick for an apology bouquet. Besides forgiveness, Tulips also signify that you are claiming worthiness. All you need to do is send a bunch of these white blooms to the one you wish to apologise to, and they would know how much you mean it!


No other flower can get you a perfect apology as Lily of the Valley. This is because of the strong message that this flower carries which is ‘a return to happiness’. These delicate and pretty flowers have a unique fragrance that is sure to brighten up anybody’s gloomy day. Also, the strong message related to these flowers does imply the other person to come back to happy terms with you!


Purple Hyacinths are an appropriate offering when you are trying to apologise to someone who you really care about. These flowers represent a deep feeling of sadness and asking for forgiveness. Also, these flowers look so beautiful that these can really cheer up anybody who you might have upset or made unhappy.


White Orchids carry the message of peace and are also considered to portray the thought of ‘thinking about you’. Hence these flowers undoubtedly make great flowers to give when asking for forgiveness. Besides this, White Orchids look quite innocent thereby indicating peace and cordiality, both of which are important factors when asking for forgiveness.

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Marigolds are few out of the most ravishing flowers that have the ability to outshine rest of the flowers. If you got into a heated argument with someone and unintentionally ended up hurting that person real bad, then Marigolds can really help you to get an easy apology, for the beauty of these flowers is really heart comforting.


Daffodils, for long, have been known for expressing cheerfulness and liveliness. However, over the past few centuries, there meaning has evolved and Daffodils are now used to express chivalry. They can make for a best gift of apology if you are at an early stage in your relationship where gifting roses might appear to be a little too much.

When you make a mistake in a relationship, be it with your lover or friend, an honest apology is all it takes for the other person to forgive you and move on. However, not everyone is great at saying sorry for some do not know how to express themselves while most of the others are unable to gather enough courage to face the person they have hurt and apologise.Gifting flowers is indeed the most conventional yet thoughtful way of making up with yourloved ones!So, this National Kiss and Make Up Day say it with flowers!Peace out!