7 Ways To Wear Flowers In Your Hair - STUNNING WAYS

Whoever thought that flowers are just for centre tables or bouquets certainly didn’t see any woman with these beauties tucked in her hair. Her look would scream nothing but “I am a goddess” and which womanwon’t be up for donning such a look? Right from making your regular ponytail fancier by including some flowers in it to simply wearing a floral headband, there are various ways of wearing flowers in your hair. Care to know how you can don a great look with flowers, without ending up looking like a child playing dress up? Read on!


The cutest and the simplest way of wearing flowers would be in the form of a headband. Opt for small flowers like baby’s breath or lilacs for your headband. This will render you a great look without being heavy on your head. The biggest advantage of wearing a floral headband is that you do not need to get your hair styled in any fancy way. All you need to do is let your hair down to wear this floral accessory.


Grouping a lot of flowers and wearing them like a crown is another great way of wearing flowers in your hair. You can pick flowers as per your choice. Go for small or big flowers, as per your convenience, in various colours or just go for flowers in a single hue. Try wearing your pretty floral crown on top of some loose waves or a messy bun. No matter what hairstyle you make, this look will make you appear nothing less than a goddess!

Flower_veil_side_bunWEAR A SIDE FLOWER

A classic hairdo, like a bun or a chignon, with a big beautiful flower pinned on the side of it and you are all set for just any gathering, whether it is a spring themed party or a botanical themed ceremony.What adds beauty to this kind of style is its versatility. Regardless of any restrictions, you can choose any type of flower that works for you, in any colour that you like and you will be all set to kill it with your look!

25109-Braid-FlowersWEAR FLOWERS IN BRAID

Just braid em in! This look is extremely simple to achieve and there are multiple ways of incorporating flowers in your braids or plaits. You can either braid flowers directly into your hair or go for one small accent braid pinned up over one big side braid with long stemmed flowers braided into your accent braid. Super easy and graceful looking!


This look can work wonders if done in a right way. Just a few flowers positioned well above your updo can make you look totally gorgeous. You can also try wearing a flower atop your high ponytail. You need to make sure that you do not place it totally straight sitting right on top of your ponytail. You would rather want to pin it over to one side on top of your ponytail for a prettier look.


For all those who want to try wearing flowers in their hair but are not a big fan of the overgrown flowers, this one could be a perfect pick. You can start off with adding small floral trimmings to your hair. For a fresh look you can lace small flowers into a mess of your curls at the nape of your neck and you will look nothing but breath-taking!


Yes! Go all out! Experiment! Put flowers anywhere in your hair in whichever way you want by using however many you may like! Just be confident and do not forget to take a good look at the mirror before heading out. Who would know better about what will look great on you than you yourself!