Indoor House Plants and Flowers for Small Apartments

Indoor-PlantIf your excuse of not introducing green and flowers to your life is space constraint and not enough time, not anymore. In metro cities, where stubbed toes are a routine in apartmentsand the idea of quality time is to get some sleep, after whatever is left of the day having gone through terrible traffic snarls and lengthy office schedules. Well, don’t let the space or time constraints crush your gardening dreams. If you are living in an apartment where natural light is a luxury, opt for indoor flowers and plants that don’t require much light or maintenance.

The vibrant colors, positive vibes and feel-good factor of flowers and greens can be yours too. Interested much? Read on!

Peace LiliesPeace Lilies:

These low-maintenance plants don’t require much sunlight. You can keep them on window sills or show them light once in a week.  These are easy on maintenance and aren’t demanding. In fact, these are the easiest indoor plants to grow in offices and homes. Most of the gardeners term Peace Lilies as cats and dogs of flowers that can survive in any atmosphere! Just keep them moist with water drained out of the pots. They can grow up to 16 inches whereas large hardy varieties can go to 6 feet!


Marigold can be termed as India’s favorite easily! The orange and yellow color blooms are staples in weddings, pujas and any traditional event. The vibrate marigolds can brighten up the landscape and grow quickly.  Marigolds don’t require much care but need much sunlight. So, put them up near doors and window sills that get plenty of it.  With proper moisture and little care, you can expect an all-year round bloom.

Beautiful Begonia flowerBegonia:

Begonia is a common plant and doesn’t require much care to bloom. It can grow in climate-controlled ambiance. The plant doesn’t like much heat, so, make sure you keep it near window or door that gets moderate and bearable amount of light.  Just make sure you don’t over water them, which can lead to rotting of the plants.  Keep intervals between watering schedules and let the soil dry first.


These beautiful plants have survived harsh prehistoric era. The soft and velvet-y petals don’t just look beautiful but also do favor on your household by absorbing a wide range of air pollutants such as xylene and toluene.These air pollutants are found in glues, wall paints and nail paints. So, have them at your house and breathe in fresh air every day!

money plantMoney Plant:

Money Plants are too easy to grow. From an empty wine bottle to mason jars, you can grow them wherever you want, in water or in soil. Just don’t forget to change water in every 3-4 days if you opt for the former host. If you notice the leaves going yellow, show them some light to help produce plants chlorophyll. Believed to bring in wealth, happiness and prosperity in house, money plants are hardy and considered to be lucky for the house.  These can bright up your entry way or any window sill.  These are perennial annual plants and capable to grow in every season with minimum to no care!