Traditionally, the use of contemporary flowers during a wedding has invariably been thought-about to be auspicious. Even today, whenever the requirement for flowers arises in any ritual, solely fresh flowers are given the first propriety. However, as much as wedding decorations are involved, the trend of considering artificial flowers is quickly replacing the employment of real flowers. Additionally, the majority of florists, wedding decorators and even the brides and grooms are selecting to induce the marriage venue adorned with artificial, silk or plastic flowers.

To put color into your wedding without providing any maintenance effort, artificial flowers offer a broad range of quality flowers. You will find a broad range of sizes and species. These artificial flowers are confined in potted plants that help dress your wedding with the beautiful buttons with its lifelike details. The advantage is that they retain their color over time: a perfect example of practical and aesthetic design.

Never fade, always charming, eternally present, artificial flowers in bridal bouquets offer elegance on your wedding day. You think of artificial silk flowers for your wedding anniversary, but you are concerned that you are suspected of cheating or having bad taste. For you, everything should be natural and of the highest quality.

But there you are there. You add all costs to buy fresh flowers: the bridal bouquet, bouquet, bridesmaids (not to mention throwing bouquet of the bride), the buttonholes of the groom, groomsmen those of the holder alliances, flower bracelets for mothers and grandmothers, church decoration and the reception room, gifts for those who contributed to the wedding preparations ... the list is dizzying!artificial flowers

Yes, the only cost-justified conversation is with your florist, you will evoke the artificial flowers for your bridal bouquet and floral arrangements. But the arguments do not stop at the cost: some artificial flowers are gorgeous.

Time no longer account

Cut flowers are of course breathtaking. But the anxiety stirred you: Will they arrive in a timely manner at your wedding? Delivered too early, they might fade late in the day. With artificial flowers, that anxiety no longer exists. You can order your floral arrangements or make the days, weeks and even months before your wedding.

So many advantages

When you have seen the quality and selection of artificial flowers available today, you will know that you do not settle for a second choice for your special day. You can afford all the flowers that delight you and enjoy the following benefits:

  • It is always the flowers of the season
  • Transportation is easy
  • They are durable
  • They will never fade
  • They do not cause allergies
  • They represent an eternal memory.
  • The florist against the handyman

Many online and local flower shops by MayaFlowers offer a variety of artificial flower compositions for weddings. But because no economy is negligible, or because you're the type I-do-all-myself ... why not do everything yourself? Simply order artificial flowers you want and imagine your compositions.

Equip yourselfartificial flowers

In addition to flowers (do not forget the decorative foliage plants such as grass shoots and poppy pods), here is the necessary equipment, to buy at a craft store:

  • Metal florist wire
  • Florist tape
  • Wire cutters
  • A glue gun
  • An ornamental container
  • Sewing pins beaded head

The beginning of your composition

Use wire cutters to chop the flower stems to the desired length. Cut the excess foliage. If necessary, lay the stems by wrapping tape around a piece of metal florist wire. Three to five flowers serve as your base. Take them in one hand. Begin to rotate the composition and add new flowers and decorative plants in unleashing your good taste and your imagination.

The final touches2280865804_6da919dd5d_o

When the size and effect of the bouquet you like, link the bouquet using floral tape. To achieve this,begin at the top of the stems and move down. If necessary, cut the stems again.

Connect the rods with a decorative packaging, such as waterproof tissue paper or birch bark. A glue gun to paste the stalks and paper will be advisable. Attach the clip or pin with the glue gun. And, as many English friends say ... YES! Your bouquet is completed.

Take a moment to admire your floral creation, and then start another one!