January Season Flowers - 7 Indian Blooms

January Season Flowers

Are you searching for Indian blooms in the month of January? Here are the most favorite flowers from India in the month of January. January happens to be the first month of the year as well as the coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere. At the time, where most of us would even shiver to go out, nature bestows us with the most beautiful and colourful flowers wrapped and layered in nothing, but the bold and raw beauty! Let’s take a look at January flowers in India.

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CarnationsCarnation Flower in January

These beautiful flowers are believed to be used the Greeks and Romans in garlands. The carnations have a sweet scent and are originally purple-blue in the colour. However, several cultivars of red, white, green and yellow have also been developed. Carnation is also the birth flower for January.

Winter Jasminewinter jasmine flowers

This slender and deciduous plant is mainly ornamental. The flowers bloom through November to March and on a bare stem. Hence, the botanical name, nudiflorum or naked flowers. The flowers are star-shaped and sometimes, yellow pink or white in colour. The flowers are very fragrant and once in, the olfactory pleasure you are going to get is simply indescribable!

Algerian IrisAlgerian Iris flower in January

This winter plant tests your patience. The lavender-blue blooms take their own sweet time to grow, sometimes even years. The plant may be hardy and able to withstand harsh weathers, the flowers are really delicate and can’t tolerate frost or slug.

Winter AconiteWinter Aconite in January

When sunshine becomes a rare thing, it is the yellow winter aconite flowers that give you a peekaboo and let you bask in its fragrance and colour.

Witch HazelWitch Hazel flower in January

Witch hazel is an ornamental plant that is mostly known for its therapeutic benefits. It is used mainly in alternative medicines and skincare products. The flowers are orange or deep-yellow in colour.

CrocusCrocus Flower in January

Crocus plants are grown for their beautiful flowers, which also happen to signal the arrival of spring as well. The beautiful and delicate purple flowers look so ethereal against the winter sky.  The flowers work like a charm for bees and butterflies that tend to get attracted to purple flowers.

Amaryllis (Indoors)Amaryllis flower India

Amaryllis is a no-fuss plant once you have got the hang of it! The flowers grow in March, but you can see leaves shooting out profusely in spring too. However, if you are growing them indoors, you can retime its flowering phase by ‘forcing’ the plant in dormancy by mid-August. It is not a houseplant, but a garden plant and need to be kept in a frost-free environment.