Life Hacks: Quick Tips to Keep Flowers Perky and Fresh for Longer Period

flower-sprayThere is nothing like getting flowers as a gift. Wrapped in a fancy colorful paper or silky mesh and arranged in a bouquet or basket, ah, flowers seem to be Godsend and are delightful! Until yes, comes the dreaded phase when they start to turn brown and wilt away.

While everybody out there understands that flowers would wither away eventually, the truth is that with proper care and some smart hacks, the bouquets and cut flowers can remain fresh and alive for longer time.

Many of our readers and customers at CityFlowers have requested to help out as well to understand that how they can take care of the bouquets and flower baskets. Also, as the festive season and major festivals like KarwaChauth and Diwali are approaching when you can expect to receive plenty of flowers, here is your timely guide and a roll down on quick tips tomake your flowers bloom for much longer period!

Water, Water, Water.

As soon as you can put flowers in water, please do it. It is very important to keep flowers in water.

Like us, water is the main constituent and survival element for flowers too, so don’t compromise or delay on that! Instead of going for expensive and chemical-based flower preservatives, add Sprite, aspirin or even a penny. The antimicrobial properties keep the flowers fresh for longer period by killing the bacteria in water. You can also mix sugar in water to perk up the flowers.

Don’t put Spotlight on them!

About 80% of people prefer to keep floral arrangements near a lamp or window. Cannot judge them, these are the obvious places where they look the best! Usually water on room temperature is used to put in the vase which also considerably reduces the span of flowers’ lifetime.

Please note that direct sunlight and warm water are big NO when it comes to preserve cut flowers.  Artificial lights also create heat which wilts away the flowers so, try to keep the flowers in corner or at table top where there is no or minimal light from above.

How-to-take-care-of-flowersTimely Trimming and Cleaning:                                                                

When you get flowers, trim the excess leaves and stem a few inches diagonally. Change the water on a regular basis. Decomposition of leaves in water will rot the entire flower arrangement in no time.

Just cut and throw away drying or wilting buds to keep the water clean. Yes, our heart crushes as much yours when we say this.

Some flowers aren’t just meant to be Together!

Daffodils are pretty but they have some serious ‘relationship’ issues with other flowers. When kept with other flowers, they release a toxic compound in the water that doesn’t let other flowers survive.While daffodils in mixed flower arrangements are in rage, it is best advised to keep them separate.

caring-for-cut-flowersKeep your Flowers and Fruits Separate!

Decorative arrangements of fruits and flowers are in vogue this festive season and there is no denying that they look great together. However, just separate them as soon as you can. Fruits release gas that is detrimental for the flowers’ health. Or go for arrangements that pack both of them distinctly yet aesthetically.