Goodwill calling: List of TOP NGOs in Mumbai

NGOs in Mumbai

NGOs are doing a wonderful job of the betterment of society. Uplifting the under-privileged sections, these NGOs go to the places where government machinery and money fail to reach.  An NGO volunteer reaches out to the people, becomes one of their own and empathises with them or their situation with an unbiased approach. An NGO, in fact, does the work, which we fail to do. During the times, when the society fails a fellow human being or a member, an NGO reaches out to them, listen to them and help them live with dignity once again.

NGOs in India are working in every field and in every way imaginable. They are working for acid attack survivors, elderly folks and kids. They are working against animal cruelty as well as encouraging people to follow the traffic rules. They are helping slum dwellers to get an education and build skills to earn a livelihood. In Mumbai, there are several NGOs working in different spheres, collaborating with corporate houses as well as government to ensure smooth function and funding. Some of the NGOs partner with the CSR activities of businesses. The NGOs get finance whereas the corporate gets the benefit of proper research and invest money, where it is needed.

List of NGO in Mumbai

AAWC – Apne Aap Women’s Collective

This NGO focuses on the rehabilitation of women survivors of trafficking. It works largely with women in Kamathipura- Asia's largest red-light area. They provide education and job opportunities for women and give them a proper platform to rehabilitate in the mainstream. Visit their website


Aasra is the support system of depressed, suicidal and lonely people. For patients in distress, it offers mental and emotional support and enables them to have a fresh and wider perspective. This NGO is one of the very few platforms that represent people with mental sickness in India. Visit their website

India Cancer Society

One of India's first NGO working for the cancer patients, India Cancer Society increased awareness towards cancer and conducts early detection camp. The NGO works on several levels to help cancer patients and aware them about the disease.

Lawyers Collective

Lawyers Collective offers legal recourse to marginalised societies in India. It also takes the initiative of proposing policy changes and law formulation for women, LGBT and HIV patients.

SNEHA – Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action

SNEHA works for women's health and nutrition. It believes that a woman's health is important to build a healthy community. The NGO focuses on four stages of public health care: maternity, child nutrition, reproductive health and violence against women and kids.

These NGOs could use your support, resources and encouragement. You can donate money to them or buy the crafts and art projects they undertake. Your little words of encouragement and a token of gratitude can help them shine and win another day. If you can’t help them with money, you can also create a difference by donating your re-usable equipment or clothes. The ideal way to help them out will be to volunteer on weekends or visit them with a bunch of flowers, chocolates and fruits!