Make Arrangements of a Formal Funeral with the Help of Funeral Flowers


Joy, disgust, shock, fear and sadness are a plethora of emotions that a human being houses in his heart during a lifetime. Being a social animal he is prone to getting affected by his surroundings, his near and dear ones. From the first shrilling cry when he is out of his mother’s womb to the moment of silence on the death bed he experiences it all at every phase of life. Sorrow or grief is one such emotion experienced when a person has departed for his heavenly abode.funeral2

Death is not just an end of a journey that begins when one steps on this earth but it’s the beginning of an afterlife. Funeral is a ceremony that is performed after a person leaves for this journey so that he gets emancipation. Also, funeral is a ceremony where the near and dear ones of the deceased pay last respects to him. Relatives and friends gather for the ceremony and they also get flowers to pay condolences