Wedding is a special day not only for the two people who are getting bonded for all time to come but also for the family members, friends and relatives of the two people. It is a day to be celebrated and remembered for all the time to come. The cheerfulness, happiness and joyous events of the day are marked with festivities and the presence of auspiciousness about them.  The grandeurs of this worthwhile day are made even grander with the help of wedding flowers which enhance and increase the splendor of the wedding.


Flowers can say a lot of things and represent a number of emotions. Flowers are the best way to portray and present the feelings and emotions. Wedding being such an occasion where these two aspects need to be taken care to the brim, flowers are the best accessory which dots the venue and brings it to life with its beauty. It brings to a wedding the elegance and style that it deserves and adds to the mystic aura of two souls committing to each other for eternity and uniting to become one for all the rest of their life to come. Flowers seem to speak of this bond in a wedding.


With the established fact that flowers are a much needed and integral part of any wedding, let us visualize the different places and needs of flowers in a wedding:

Each wedding planes needs to make sure that the flowers which are to be used for various table arrangement purposes are harmonious with the theme of the wedding and suits and meets the overall design.

  • Flowers for the wedding area, altar etc

These are the special places in the wedding and needs to have the special flower arrangements which catches the eye of every guest and makes him or her applaud by the sheer beauty and diligence of the arrangement.

The cake in the wedding is also decorated with flowers all around it and the cake being in the center. These flowers need to be selected as such they go with the cake’s flavor, color and design. A brisk and good decision need to be taken regarding selection of such flowers.

  • Flowers for Wedding Hall, Rooms, Church, Temple etc

The theme of the wedding decides what and which design of flower is to be used to design and decorate the wedding hall, rooms in which the people stay, the church where the vows are taken or the temple where the ceremonies are carried out. Generally white is the preferred color used for decorating all the aforementioned places.



With the design methodologies changing day by day a number of improved and innovative design techniques have cropped up which weddingcake3make modern day wedding a spectacular affair. Some of these designs are as follows:

  • Organic Blooms

Organic flowers in modest glass vessels make for great pieces for a country side wedding. Adding greens and flowers makes for a beautiful country side wedding decoration.

  • Modern Decor

For an antique decor, clear vessels with blooms like thistle, begonia foliage, foxglove and umbrella fern. Vintage candle holders and white taper candles add that little bit extra to this look.

  • Cheerful Display

Scented geranium, majolica roses, dahlias, snap dragon and grass in glass jars make for happy looking decorations. They just make things seem brighter and better.

  • Wildflowers

Different types of wildflowers in individual vases, bunched together look extremely sophisticated and are also friendly to the pockets.

  • Dried Flowers

Dry flowers are perfect for providing a vintage and rustic ambience. They have this ability to make things look real classy. Dried flowers can be put up in glass jars, or hung around with rice lights for a vintage appearance.

Vintage bottles, doilies, jars and votives of mercury glass work as great table decorations. Adding to the appeal blooms in whites, pinks, ivories and peaches complete the look.


Flowers which spread the message of love and happiness can be used in marriages. There is a certain belief in a number of traditions sowedding6 as not to use a few colors such as black or blue while decorating the wedding a such colors are considered to be bring bad luck and are ill fated. Apart from these almost flowers of all colors are well suited and fit for wedding purposes. Here is a list of most commonly used flowers in a wedding:

So with all the knowledge that you have acquired about wedding flowers you must now make sure that your wedding has the right design, choice of flowers and colors to make sure that your wedding is a picturesque event.