Making Weddings even More Gorgeous with Flowers

wedding flowersWhen it comes to wedding, you have myriad of options to choose from. From boldest to the brightest and from peaches to pastels, from different textures to different layers and shapes, a timeless and memorable look for your marriage is just a few blooms away. Styling a celebration with flowers isn’t something new but how to make a special occasion like wedding even more awesome and gorgeous is worth a read and noting down so that when the time comes, you are ready with sassy, bold and yet gorgeous ideas that are worth swooning over and are totally scene-stealer!

  • Beautiful Floral Arrangement that Stand Tall!

          wedding flowersHere, we have used light color flowers such as Peruvian lilies, ivory roses, pink orchids and carnations in a towering vase to add luxe and do justice to the day-time wedding that was attended by friends and family. Alternatively, you can have flowers with big and bright petals like sunflowers, red roses and orchids. Basil, wax flower and succulents work as great filler if you have too much space to work on.

  • Add Elegance to the Table Settings with Inexpensive yet Cheery Arrangement!

shutterstock_221583283For your day-after reception and brunch, there cannot be a better and cost-effective idea than this!  Pack a couple of vibrant daisies in a handcrafted wooden basket and add a personalized ‘thank you’ note. If getting a wooden basket is too much of a task, you can go for takeaway small boxes made of cardboard. You can also use this arrangement to show your guests the sitting arrangement.

wedding gerberaThese look as beautiful as any signature floral arrangement! Not just daisies, you can opt for wild roses, peonies or even sunflowers. You’ll have to cut the strong stems of sunflowers though, which is a shame if you ask me. Instead, you can arrange them in a single or two-stem arrangement that would look awesome as well as will let you utilize their feature.

wedding yellow flowersOr take the silver goblets out from your grandmother’s treasure and unleash your creativity! Have flowers arranged in a cluster or go for floral fruit combination.

silver flowers

  • Creating Stylish and Sassy Flower Bun:

flower bun on head

Yes, flower crowns are hot property at weddings but when you want striking simplicity, this hairstyle just fits the bill! Easy-peasy and classy, this will add elegance and beauty to your already gorgeous appearance. Just tuck a few flowers into your bun or braid with the help of hairpins and you are ready to rock!

[caption id="attachment_721" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Beautiful flower crown 7 Beautiful flower crown ways[/caption]

For men, boutonniere makes a huge difference. Capable to make or break the style, don’t put a foot wrong and make a bold and colorful statement

flowers for men

Or tread on a safe zone by opting for freesia or calla lily flowers.

flowers for men

  • Up in the Air!

If you can, and would like to try something really cool for your wedding, here are a few of your options that can totally fit in your budget and echo your feelings about the big day! Yes, like you, they are also on the Cloud Nine! Transform a glass vase into an eye candy by turning it into a vase and tying it up with a jute rope! You can hang it or just make it sit pretty on the table. The hanging green and violet poms are stunning addition to the grandeur of the wedding.

wedding flower decor ballsWedding flower décor is a balanced combination of inspiration and knowledge, and we have brought just the right mix for you. Don’t miss a detail and get ready to wow!