Manipur State Flower - Siroi lily

What is the State Flower of Manipur?

Ans: Siroi lily

Manipur: Siroi lily

Lilium mackliniae or Siroi lily is a rare species that is only found in Manipur’s Siroi hill ranges. The flowers love shade and have pale bluish-pink petals that give them an exquisite touch. The flowers usually have seven colors, which can only be observed under microscope. The blooming season for the flowers is from May to June. The plant can grow up to 1-3 feet with one to seven flowers.  The intriguing fact about the flowers is that they can only be found in upper reaches of Siroi hills and nowhere else.  The British earlier tried to cultivate the plant in other regions too but failed. The tribe there also feels that Siroi lily is the daughter of Siroi hills and can only be there.  Siroi Lily also won the merit prize at a flower show organized by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1948.  The flower symbolizes beauty and modesty of a young girl.

However, it is now an endangered species and to commemorate and increase awareness regarding this state flower of Manipur, a postal stamp was also issued.